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[20:51] matociquala: This is amusing.
[20:51] matociquala:
[20:51] matociquala: Somebody figured out what the mulcts for a murder would be in modern conversion
[20:52] leahbobet: I just love the names Murder-Thing, King-Thing, and Census-Thing.
[20:52] leahbobet: Semantic bleaching or not, that's hilarious out of context.
[20:52] matociquala: We love the northmen.
[20:52] matociquala: They only had ten nouns.
[20:52] matociquala: They used them a lot.
[20:52] cpolk: so when you call something a thing and someone says you're scatterbrained, you can reply "no, just Norwegian."
[20:52] leahbobet: hee.
[20:53] stillnotbored: heh
[20:53] katallen: heh
[20:53] matociquala: Also, you have the etymology of practical modern English right there
[20:53] matociquala: "You know, the--the thing!"
[20:53] leahbobet: *g*
[20:53] matociquala: "I had a thing."
[20:53] matociquala: "No, we gotta go to her thing."
[20:53] katallen: still works here... there's stuff, things/ys, and you knows
[20:53] matociquala: "You touched his thing? EW!"

[20:53] leahbobet: LOL
[20:53] matociquala: What would we do without Vikings?
[20:54] matociquala: We'd have to invent a language.
[20:54] katallen: well there'd be even more time travelling Highlander romances for one thing
[20:54] cpolk: with separate words for all this stuff.
[20:54] cpolk: bah.
[20:54] cpolk: I need that thing over there.
[20:54] cpolk: no, the thing next to the red thing.
[20:54] leahbobet: There would be all these nouns. :(
[20:55] matociquala: *corpses*
[20:55] matociquala: It's some kind of... census thing.
[20:55] cpolk: actually, this is sounding like my technical support calls.
[20:55] cpolk: "My satellite thing doesn't work."
[20:55] matociquala: Somebody needs to blog this.
[20:55] leahbobet: *g*
[20:55] cpolk: "okay, get you're channel clicking thing and let's fix it."
[20:56] matociquala: Which thing is this?
[20:56] matociquala: Well, it's kind of an.. All-Thing.
[20:56] leahbobet:
[20:56] leahbobet: LOL
[20:56] stillnotbored: that one
[20:56] cpolk: heee!
[20:56] katallen: ::dies::
[20:56] stillnotbored: King of Thing
[20:57] katallen: celebrated in hymn and popular music
[20:57] stillnotbored: ohmigod
[20:57] cpolk: Thing is an awesome word.
[20:57] stillnotbored: there is a Frost-a-Thing
[20:57] matociquala: Yeah, you know.
[20:57] cpolk: it's as useful as fuck, and can even be used in conjunction with it.
[20:58] matociquala: You get together with the neighbors and... do a thing.
[20:58] cpolk: this fucking thing is broken
[20:58] stillnotbored: there is even the Frosta-Thing law
[20:58] matociquala: holmgang is such a good word.
[20:59] matociquala: Now THERE is a fun protagonist.
[20:59] katallen: (and a Borgar-thing)
[20:59] matociquala: or antihero
[20:59] cpolk: (is that like a booger-thing?)
[20:59] katallen: ::giggles::
[20:59] leahbobet: heeee.
[20:59] matociquala: One of the professional duelists who went around picking fights with people and then kicking their ass in the holmgang.
[20:59] matociquala: and taking their stuff.
[20:59] matociquala: Like a 5th century schoolyard bully
[20:59] leahbobet: Level 20 Barbarian!
[20:59] katallen: ::homegangs up on the peasants::
[21:00] cpolk: the holmgang is totally boy reasoning.
[21:00] leahbobet: /nerd
[21:00] leahbobet: Oh yeah, it is.
[21:00] leahbobet: It's like my dad can beat up your dad.
[21:00] matociquala: And then he gets stuck with like the Head of Vecna.
[21:00] cpolk: only a boy could come up with, "it doesn't matter if I'm on crack. if I can kick you in the thing, I'm right."
[21:00] matociquala: /geek
[21:00] leahbobet: *dies*
[21:01] stillnotbored: I am loving this
[21:01] matociquala: And he's like oh fuck, how do I get rid of this thing?
[21:01] matociquala: And the guy is like, right, you take it to the thing.
[21:01] matociquala: And you must give me half your treasure.
[21:01] katallen: (okay the capturing the king sounds like fun)
[21:01] matociquala: Or I won't tell you which thing.
[21:02] katallen: (and if you get stalemate you ban him from the country... this is clearly a giant chess game)
[21:02] matociquala: Well at least there's like, no pretense of Divine Right.
[21:02] leahbobet: And then he curses Norwegians.
[21:02] leahbobet: Possibly with "fuck".
[21:02] matociquala: With the holmgang.
[21:02] cpolk: LOL
[21:02] matociquala: It really is just my dad can beat up your dad.
[21:02] stillnotbored: this is awesome "THE MULCTS OF VIOLENCE "
[21:02] leahbobet: That needs to be like a Gor novel.
[21:02] leahbobet: THE MULCTS OF VIOLENCE!
[21:02] stillnotbored: yes *g*
[21:02] matociquala: Oh yeah, the cow equivalencies were the best bit.
[21:02] leahbobet: I love it.
[21:03] matociquala: And then like the second cousin twice removed on the mother's side owes a buck twenty.
[21:03] stillnotbored: *g*
[21:03] matociquala: "Anybody got change for a pullet?"
[21:03] katallen: (The Borgar-Thing got its name from the old Thing place Borg ::eyes Mek:: )
[21:04] matociquala: Yanno, though.
[21:04] stillnotbored: we could not make this shit up
[21:04] leahbobet: Okay, I'm totally laughing too hard to write creepy ghost stories.
[21:04] matociquala: If everybody in the family gets fined every time Crazy Uncle Yngvi hacks somebody's arm off?
[21:04] stillnotbored: heee
[21:04] matociquala: Somebody's gonna do something about Crazy Uncle Yngvi.
[21:04] matociquala: Sooner rather than later.
[21:05] matociquala: It's a workable system.
[21:05] stillnotbored: oh yeah
[21:05] matociquala: "Fuck it, we're not paying. outlaw the son of a bitch."
[21:05] matociquala: "...sorry, Mom."
[21:06] matociquala: "I meant that metaphorically."
[21:06] leahbobet: heee.
[21:06] matociquala: "Mom, put down the axe."
[21:06] stillnotbored: I keep looking at Frosta-Thing and laughing
[21:06] matociquala: "We're out of cows, Mom."
[21:07] stillnotbored: I am so bookmarking this page
[21:07] leahbobet: Insta-Thing, like a flash mob... *giggles*
[21:08] stillnotbored: *g*
[21:08] matociquala: Alright, if nobody else is blogging it I am. *g*
[21:08] leahbobet: Okay. :)
[21:08] stillnotbored: go for it
[21:08] matociquala: Insta-Thing!
[21:08] leahbobet: (I have fifteen things to blog and I get Guilt if I post more than twice in a day.)
[21:08] matociquala: just add water.
[21:08] leahbobet: LOL
[21:08] stillnotbored: lol
[21:08] leahbobet: Look, the little warriors are growing...!


[21:13] matociquala: ...word knows "mulct."
[21:13] leahbobet:
[21:13] matociquala: that's SO WRONG.
[21:13] cpolk: it what?
[21:13] matociquala: I bet it's the same guy who taught it "skald"
[21:13] cpolk: *dies*
[21:13] leahbobet: And "thing".
[21:13] katallen: hee
[21:13] leahbobet: *ducks*
[21:14] stillnotbored: lol
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