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Pimp your ride.

a noble quest:

rachelmanija is looking for narrative nonfiction about cities. Good (at least in some people's estimation) narrative nonfiction about cities.

Go help a writer out.

a neat toy:

I appear to have been LibraryThing's 100th published author member. They threw me a party! (It really is a cool thing, and the booklogging is much easier than I expected. Keyword search! No nasty ISBN typing!)

a noble experiment:

The second issue of Jim Baen's Universe is up. Which I pimp because I was in the first issue ("The Cold Blacksmith," a story about Morgan and Weyland long, long, long before Blood & Iron is set), the subscription is a measly USD 30.00, and the first issue had papersky, autopope, and many many famous people (David Brin, Gregory Benford, Alan Dean Foster, Sarah Zettel, mrissa, Julie Czerneda, Gene Wolfe, etc, etc, yanno, them) in it.

This current issue prints the likes of wen_spencer, my multiple-imprint-mate Kevin Anderson, Garth Nix, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., MORE Gregory Benford, that Cory Doctorow guy, Esther Friesner, Clifford Simak, etc etc etc.

So, um. If you were of the opinion that it was going to be nothing but mech droids and battleships... it's not. And it's a pretty cheap price, for a lot of (uncopyprotected) fiction. (Compare your news-stand digest subscription price for number of words.)

Dude! Cory Doctorow! and Wen Spencer! and Esther Friesner! and Gene Wolfe! and Jo Walton! Between the same virtual covers. That's whaddaya call it range.

(And if I'm pimping hard, it's because I believe in paying markets for online fiction. Because they are easy, and they reach readers all over the world. And not only do they pay well, but you should see the illos they gave me. And I'm not in this issue, so I can pimp it without shame! *g* )

(Also, if they stay afloat, they might buy the hopelessly self-indulgent Jenny-and-Razorface story I just sent them, and then you could read that. [please note, that's an "and," not a "/". Minds, gutter, etc.])

another noble experiment:

In the interests of also pimping something I am printed in, y'all can still get Mr. Scalzi's guest-edited All-Cliché issue of Subterranean Magazine here.

In case you are of the sort who says "There are no new ideas!" you can buy them for your crit group and prove yourself right, after all.

And there you are.
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