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ten things that may encourage my growth as an artist

10. The reader is always going to see something I didn't. Conversely, she's always going to not see something I thought I did.
9. Write what I'm willing to learn about.
8. If there isn't any mud, there isn't any story. Honesty is not pretty.
7. Get in, get dirty, and get out.
6. Go ahead and wipe out. A bellyflop stings, but there's no lasting damage, and it's more fun to watch than somebody climbing carefully down the ladder, checking the temperature with her toes.
5. If there's a good answer on either side, it's not much of an argument.
4. If it was easy, it wouldn't be fun.
3. Shakespeare was a hack.
2. Guidelines and rules are only useful until I've internalized them. Then they become techniques--or cages.
1. It's not worth eating unless it's bigger than my head.

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