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bear by san

March 2017



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ascii frog by Jean Seok

all of us are in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

Well, I spent $800.00 today. And I still have to pay the rent, buy my WFC membership, and plane tickets to Los Angeles.

And the truck needs a new exhaust system. But it has new tires. And I ordered my new bow.


It will be blue.

Next year, maybe I will buy myself a fancier recurve. I refuse to commit to just one shooting style.

Also, I will apparently be presenting the Campbell Award at Worldcon. So, um, I will actually be at a Hugo ceremony, rather than spending it in the bar, as is my custom.

I also just wrote a three-paragraph synop of, oh, a third of the plot of Undertow for the sales guys, and I got alovely review of Blood & Iron from Green Man Review (it has a few bitty spoilers), and a pair of charms in the mail from katallen for my charm bracelet--leap frogs! for finishing Undertow, and an axe, for Isolfr. I am very jingly now.

Thank you.


Nice bow!

See, I knew that you could survive The Change (the S.M. Stirling Dies the Fire world version that is).

Bear the Archer. :)
Your day sure makes my quotidiana look ... well, mundane.
:: jealous of your presenter role ::
Dude. It will be my first Hugos. I don't do awards ceremonies if I can possible help it.
You bow hunt? Which animal(s)? I find this fascinating, but as a vegetarian I wouldn't know what to do with the animal after I was done killing it.
Paper ones. *g*

I shoot at Hall's Arrow. It's an indoor archery range.
Hmmm. Sounds like they'd need a lot of sauce.
High in fiber, low in fat!

Presenting at the Campbell Award Ceremony

Congratulations! I'll look for the photo in Locus.
Nic Bow!!
Nice review - well deserved (I liked the story too. My review would not be as elegant *g*
I was promising myself I would buy it when I got paid for B&I. And then I was going to be good, and wait until I had more money in the bank, and pay for some truck repairs instead.

And then I went, yanno, you will do that, and then you will wind up never buying the damned bow.

So I was bad. *g*

I will just spend your check on the truck instead.

Man, I spent a *lot* of money today. I also just bought plane tickets, a WFC membership, and paid off all my bills. And the rent is due.

*flops over*

It is amazing how much money living costs.
I'll have a drink for you...somewhere. *grin*

Hey - me too!

Interestingly enough, I also just ordered myself a new bit of weaponry - in my case, a new bo. So far about half of my family thinks I ordered what you did, rather than a big stick for cracking their heads with.

Nice bit of weaponry you're getting there.

Re: Hey - me too!

Don't crack your family's heads. You might need them later.

Hmm. I need to sign up for those martial arts classes I've been meaning to take since 1990....
That is one cool bow.
It's "not a Hugo"!
Ew! You made my bow all sticky!

Oh, bother. Between you, Stephen Dedman, Jess Nevins, and Nick Kauffman, I now have four reasons to get over my absolute loathing of Austin and the Fandom Association of Central Texas and visit on WFC weekend. You do know that I'll make you pay for this, probably by buying you dinner while I talk you to death, don't you?
I do it on purpose.

Email me closer to the date and I'll send you my cell number.
You got it.
Oooh, thanks for that lj title. Now I'll have Pretenders songs running through my head all day long. ;)

Very spiffy bow. So envious...

That is a cool-looking piece of equipment!
Ya know, Hoyt's online color chip just doesn't do that bow justice. I mean, that bow is like electric freakin' hammer of god blue, not the sissy blue the site shows. :-)
This? Is true.