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all of us are in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars.

Well, I spent $800.00 today. And I still have to pay the rent, buy my WFC membership, and plane tickets to Los Angeles.

And the truck needs a new exhaust system. But it has new tires. And I ordered my new bow.


It will be blue.

Next year, maybe I will buy myself a fancier recurve. I refuse to commit to just one shooting style.

Also, I will apparently be presenting the Campbell Award at Worldcon. So, um, I will actually be at a Hugo ceremony, rather than spending it in the bar, as is my custom.

I also just wrote a three-paragraph synop of, oh, a third of the plot of Undertow for the sales guys, and I got alovely review of Blood & Iron from Green Man Review (it has a few bitty spoilers), and a pair of charms in the mail from katallen for my charm bracelet--leap frogs! for finishing Undertow, and an axe, for Isolfr. I am very jingly now.

Thank you.
Tags: lives of unparalleled glamour, quotidiana

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