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My routine varies a lot. Both ashacat and I bore easily. So, we change it up. We tend to do pullups (assisted) and dips, and some sort of cardio (treadmill, ski machine, once in a blue moon the rowing machine), and some core workout (crunches, stuff on the wobble board for balance). The weights can be free weights (shrugs, bench press, smith cage squats, sumo squats, hand weight work) or cable machines (row, lateral pulldown, tricep pulldown, chest press, and so on), or sometimes we use the rigid machines (leg press, quad curl, hamstring, flies), but usually only when we're feeling like we suck and want the estra stability. They're not as effective at building functional strength as weights that provide a less stable environment, and we're both all about the power!

I like lemon drops and peppermints and violet pastilles and altoids and root beer barrels, and those blue ice mint sugar drops.

If it's set up, it's not a deus ex machina.

dunno. ;-)

I'm informed it's going to be Matthew and the Morningstar, but other than that, I do not know any details. Authors have about the same control over cover art as 13th-century princesses had over their bridegrooms.
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