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Book #54: Barbara Hambly, Days of the Dead

One of the better of the later Benjamin January mysteries, I think. More Hannibal Sefton is never a bad thing, and there is plenty of Hannibal in this one. Also, this one seems to have been written with a good deal more focus and care than the previous two--the transitions are smoother, the prose is strong, the dialogue sparks, the emotion rings true, and there are very few places where I felt my attention drifting or started wondering if I'd skipped a page reading. I got bucked off a lot by Die Upon a Kiss, but not this time. (this is damning with faint praise; I really did enjoy this book.)

Also, I love Hambly forever for this line: "My dearest Athene, we are past fine distinctions about hawks and handsaws here and deep within the realm of Lucia di Lammermoor, in case it had escaped your notice."


Book #55: Andy Harnsworth, A journey to Medieval Canterbury

Really intended for kids, but nevertheless full of nifty drawings and factoids.

In other news, I like my book collection. And LibraryThing is, indeed, addictive.
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