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Well, I'm not writing eight hour days currently, due to the day job--it's more like three or four, which is hard, because I am of the school of writer that needs an hour of fussing to settle down to work productively. However, hopefully I will be cutting my hours at the day job before winter, and that will let me get back on a more productive schedule.

As for how I do it, well, it's what I'd rather be doing than anything else. I love finishing things. The more I work on them, the sooner they are finished. *g*

My legal name's no secret, in its various permutations. I'm pretty sure Wikipedia had it last time I looked. For the record, it's Sarah Bear Elizabeth Wishnevsky Kindred--I expect I'll be going back to Wishnevsky at some point, but ehn, paperwork. It's too long to fit on forms, anyway, no matter which version it is.

It's on the copyright page of B&I because that's the way Penguin filed it; Bantam filed as Elizabeth Bear.

Question #1: Alcoholic or nonalcoholic? Caffeinated or not?

Favorite alcoholic drink: Laphroaig 15, or Laphroaig quarter-cask
Favorite caffeinated drink: Upton Tea's Russian Caravan or Rose Congou tea, depending on mood
Favorite alcoholic, caffeinated drink: Irish coffee. Real Irish coffee--black coffee, black Bush, and whipped cream. None of this Bailey's crap.
Favorite nonalcoholic, noncaffeinated drink: fresh squeezed orange/carrot/ginger juice
Favorite fizzy drink: either Hosmer Mountain Soda Shack birch beer or Reed's Ginger Brew

Question #2:
No. Some people are gifted. Some of are geniuses. Some of us are neither, but work our asses off for a very long time. And a very few and gifted geniuses who work their asses off. *g* (Or, when Christopher Marlowe was my age, he had been dead for six years. Whereas I believe James Tiptree started writing in her fifties?)

It happens when it happens, is all.

I would love that. Thank you.

If anybody still wants it, the ask-a-question post is here.

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