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bear by san

March 2017



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can't sleep books will eat me

my god, how the cookies roll in

You might as well hang onto it for blackmail purposes. Or auction. Or possibly you can exhume and finish it after I'm dead. ;-)

You know, I am not picky. I did not at all like Korean food the one time I tried it, but if it had been something other than an enormous lukewarm bowl of stuff all mushed together I might have been happier with it--and I'm not absolutely in love with Mediterranean cuisines (except dolmas. mmm, dolmas) (I know, I'm the only weirdo on earth who doesn't really love Italian food--spaghetti Americano does not count as Italian food--although even there, I can usually content myself pretty well as long as I can find something with ricotta in it. *g* ) but I can usually find something on just about any menu. And the Mexican I like is fake-mex, though as long as I can get refried beans or a black bean tortilla I'm pretty chipper.

I am the opposite of a fussy eater.

I love Japanese food, though. And Indian. And Russian. And Thai. And Ethiopian. And I'm always up for adventure dining. And I also love American regional cuisines, including good old Midwestern staples like meatloaf.

Green chile, though, is a little too much like burned hot pepper soup to really float my boat, though I realize that that's heresy.

Until recently, I was an underpaid media summarist. Now, I am an overpaid spreadsheet hack.

"Hey Rocky! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!"
"Aww, Bullwinkle. But that trick never works!"
ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! [as Bullwinkle pulls a lion, a rhino, or some other random giant animal out of the tophat.]

Best. TV. Show. Evar. Just look at the quotes if you don't believe me.

Sadly, not yet available on DVD. Much like my other favorite show. :-P (ETA: Or, apparently, it is. Shows what I know.)

I'd say, quit reading so many goddamned how-to books and write. *g* I think you can keep up on the state of the industry pretty adequately by reading, oh, the award nomination lists. And frankly, I don't even do that, though I try to read books and short stories that are getting a lot of buzz from people I trust.

You're out to develop your own voice, not copy the other guy. It's helpful to know more or less what's going on in the industry (lest you wind up spending six years working on a book that was already published) but the important thing is getting the words on paper.

(There's a running joke that Locus reviews genre fiction so we don't have to read it; this is funny because it's partially true. Who has time? The only time I read more than twenty pages in a row these days is if I'm on an airplane, or if I take a day off on purpose to read. There's a reason for this icon. And the 108 items on my TBR list. :-P)

(the ask-a-question post is here.

*(or something like that, I don't exactly recall)


Bullwinkle is too available on DVD. I just watched some yesterday. Swear to god.
There's a "best of" DVD, I believe, but I think the whole series is still in abeyance. Unless you have a source I know not of?
Look here, here and here.
The link doesn't work but I assume it leads to Rocky and Bullwinkle. The show is, in fact, available on DVD with extras. I have two seasons.
Hah! Amazon still lists "The Bullwinkle Show" as not available.
...because of course I've been looking under "The Bullwinkle Show."

And the link still works for me. Weird.
Korean food is not neither lukewarm bowls of mush! The range is as broad & various as any SE Asian cuisine - except of course that everything comes with kimchi (vegetable pickled in chilli & garlic, basically). Favourite headline while I was in Seoul: "Who can govern a country that has 189 varieties of kimchi?" (And yes, I know it's ganked from de Gaulle on cheese, but even so...)

Give it another try sometime, Bear. If you're actually there, the eel is superb; I've no idea what you get in Korean restaurants US-style.
It sounds like maybe you wound up with something like bibimbap which SHOULDN'T be lukewarm or mushy but is certainly just a big bowl o' stuff all piled together. What I usually suggest for non-veggie folks who are new to Korean food are the broiled or grilled dishes like kalbi or bulgogi.

Over the years we've taken a lot of Korean-food newbies to our favorite kalbi grill, including sundry inlaws who just aren't terribly familiar with any sort of Asian cuisine in general, and while there tends to be a lot of explaining what's in all the random bowls of panchan, the spicy/savory grilled meats have never yet failed to be a smashing hit. And If you're ever in the NoVA/DC area again, we live in pretty much the heart of the region's Little Seoul and could point you to a number of fabulous restaurants -- our usual Korean BBQ hangout is about five minutes from our house and open 24 hours, how convenient is that?
Some friends of mine have a young daughter who I noticed was in the habit of watching the same thing over and over again. I’ve been giving her the DVD box sets of Rocky & Bullwinkle every Yule both to further her education in the classics and to spare the sanity of my friends. (If you ever get a chance to watch Sheep in the Big City, by the way, I think it’s in a similar vein.) They did have to explain to her why the spies are Russian, and what the Cold War was...
Pottsylvania is not Russia!

Bloody Americans. No geography.
I’d completely forgotten about that. When I was watching those as a kid in the 1970s, I recognized they’d simply filed the serial numbers off the USSR and mentally restored them. (That was long before I took up being a game master... these days I collect imaginary countries to use in my plots...)
My favorite sequence, Bullwinkle managed to pull an actual rabbit out of the hat -- and fainted in shock.