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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

ZOMG fangirl SQUEEEE!!1!!

Okay. Having a peak moment.

So, yanno, I'm a huge embarrassing Grimjack fangirl. Yes, I am. Somewhere in a storage unit in Nevada, actually, I believe I have a complete run of the book, unless the gnomes have gotten it. And I was always awfully fond of Jonah Hex, too. (There's a Jonah Hex joke in one of the Jenny stories somewhere, unless I wound up cutting that scene. But it did get written at one point.)


I have Tim Truman cover art.

Yes. Me.

You can touch me, but it will cost you a quarter.

Issue #5 of Subterranean, You can order it here. Complete cast list:

"Mazer in Prison" by Orson Scott Card
"Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God" by Philip Jose Farmer
"Being Intimately Aware of the Past: An Interview With Alan Moore" by Dorman T. Shindler
"The Plot" by Stephen Gallagher
"Getting Dark" by Neal Barrett, Jr.
"Lucifugous" by Elizabeth Bear
"Some Thoughts Re: DARK DESTRUCTOR" by Tad Williams
"Wendy" by Jim Grimsley
"On Books" by Dorman T. Shindler

yendi says nice things about Blood & Iron here.



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Oh wow! How shiny is ze cover art! *forks over a couple of quarters*
*is touched*
I think that's a negotiation best carried out in alleyway behind your house, if precedent counts for anything.
Ooooh...Truman art. 'scuse me while I wipe my drool away.
You should see that dirigible all big. *g*
I lost heart when they killed off John Gaunt.
*g* I am a sucker for the eternal champion thing. Not quite a bulletproof kink, but a good one.

hey, whatcha doing with those ICE CUBES?
Just so long as you don't start yelling "Goddamnit, who wants to fucking touch me?", we're fine. We already have enough reasons to touch you as it is.
*g* I leave that, the jesus sex rays, the warren_ellis
Tim Truman! Grimjack! Omigod, I just did a re-read of my Grimjack comics last year. The originals, yes.

*holds out quarter for a touch*
Very nice company. :-)
Tell you what, I'll trade you a touch for a lick. It's only fair.
I almost feel like I'm getting something for nothing, really.
I too am a huge Grimjack fan. And likewise, somewhere in storage I too have the complete run.

So, here's my quarter.
*g* Oh, *you* have to ask in Klingon. *g*
*opens the desk drawer with the change cup*

*does some counting*

Nine. Plus whatever the dimes and nickels will get me.

Do we get extra credit for state quarters or the 1976 Bicentennial commemorative?
Bogarting the Bear? *g*

I think bicentennial quarters should getcha double....

That's a darn fine cover.

And Grimjack! I don't own 'em myself, but got to read some back when I shared a house with the collection.

Can you get yourself a signed copy of the cover, you think? (Signed by the artist, I mean, although there's no reason you can't sign it yourself too.)

[plonks down a quarter]

*tiny poke*

*...runs away squeeing fangirlishly*
Oh, that's excellent!
And it reminds me that I really need to break out the turntable and rip that album by Tim's group* to MP3s...

*The Dixie Pistols - Marauder, I think...
your icon makes me feel... stalked.
OK - damn you - I'm going to need a bulk rate on the touching...

That art is so Teh Kewl.
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