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never again is what you swore the time before.

A Londoner is visiting his kin in eastern Massachusetts, where the family owns a cranberry bog. He happens to visit during the harvest, and is amazed by the variety and number of cranberry dishes on the table. He asks his cousin, "How ever do you deal with all these cranberries?!"

"Welp," his cousin answers, "we sell the most of 'em, and then for the rest we eat what we can and we can what we can't."

Well, the Londoner thinks this is the funniest thing he's ever heard, and when he returns his home, he tells his mother about the cranberry bog, and the cranberry chutneys and mustards and stuffings and breads and biscuits and salads and glazes. "How ever do they deal with all those cranberries?" she cries, amazed.

"Well," says the Londoner, drawing himself up with a twinkle in his eyes, "they eat as many as they are able, and tin the rest."

I probably should keep my mouf shut on this issue, but I can't resist saying Just One Thing: the most amusing thing about the Sekrit Anonymous Mail that Certain Star Writers of the Blogosphere have been getting regarding A Certain Fandom Plagiarism Flap is that I apparently missed a memo where pro writers are somehow supposed to care about unpaid fan writers borrowing our words, but be okay with them borrowing our characters and settings.

Yeah. Think about that for a minute and get back to me on it.

Here, have some reviews:

livejournal comment on B&I:

IROSF (Lois Tilton) "recommended" review of "Ile of Dogges": (free registration required, but they're nice)

Finally, somebody loffs Sarah's Ben Pastiche as it should be loffed.

And Booklist reviewed The Chains That You Refuse:

I've been telling anybody who will listen that I may have

"bright moments of storytelling....extraordinary"--Booklist

tattooed backwards on my forehead so I can see it in the mirror every morning.

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