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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

An open letter to Sen. Joseph Lieberman

Dear Joe;

That wheezing sound you hear is Lowell Weicker laughing too hard to get a solid breath.

Yanno, I hope he sends you a condolence card. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, ya goddamned Vichy Democrat.


A Patriotic American.



I swear, if we weren't already married, I'd propose right now. I've been yelling for years that "Lieberman" is the perfect term for when your Jewish friends are searching for the equivalent of "Uncle Tom" or "Tio Taco" but figure that "Vichy" just might be a bit too cruel.

(To add to the joy, I love the number of goy Republicans who suddenly figure that Joe's defeat was caused by anti-Semitism instead of the folks of Connecticut being sick of a Senator who'd only pull his tongue out of Shrub's ass in order to shove it up the ass of the president of ITT Hartford. This reminded me of hearing several years back about how Robert Wilonsky, a much-detested music and movie critic at the weekly Dallas Observer, was whining about how he thought that everyone hated him because he was Jewish. My immediate written response to "the James Lipton of fandom" was "Robert, we don't hate you because you're Jewish. We hate you because you're an asshole.")
Oh, yeah.

It's true.

I couldn't care less if Joe was a baboon. It's the fact that he's a goddamned cowardly baboon that I object to.
Hear hear. That's why I'm campaigning for Kinky Friedman for Texas Governor: a state of freaks deserves to be led by one, but one who actually has an idea of what he's doing. In that aspect, we haven't had that out here since Ann Richards.
I'm jealous. I actually like my state governor, mostly (Janet Napolitano) but if there's one thing that could make me wish I were back in Texas it would be the opportunity to vote Kinky.
I'm Jewish. Hell, I'm Israeli! (dual citizen)

I'm probably more pissed off at him than non-Jews/non-Israelis, since his half-witted support of Bush's ill-considered Iraqi misadventure has caused America's relationship with and influence upon moderate Arab states in the region to erode, and thus has almost guaranteed that Israel's problems with Hamas and Hezbollah will be far worse than the problems would have been had Bush stayed the fuck out of Iraq.

I'm not pissed at Joe because he's Jewish. I'm pissed at Joe because he's an IDIOT!

Good riddance.
Thanks - anger can be such an inspirational emotion.
Ooooh, wonder which way you voted....


We have an "interesting" primary coming up next door -- Chafee vs. Laffey. Here in R.I. we can walk into polling place on primary day, sign up to join a party, vote in the primary, then disaffiliate on our way out. It makes it a lot more fun. Four years ago I spent ten minutes as a Democrat so I could vote for Myrth York for governor (hell, my wife & I even contributed to her campaign). She won the primary but lost the election. This year I guess I'll spend a few minutes as a Republican. I'm not a big Chafee fan -- more sort of a lukewarm fan -- which, come to think of it, is not a bad description of Sen. Chafee -- but I really dislike Laffey.
Actually, I didn't get to vote. I'm still registered in Nevada, so I can vote against John Ensign.
*air kisses*

(til my money order arrives and then it's all tongue.)

Lieberman ruined my Al Gore ticket. (well, in the end Al Gore ruined it by picking him.)
I know: 2000 was pretty much Spock/McCoy versus Butt-Head/Beavis, wasn't it?
And yet Spock would have made such an awesome president... Sigh. Few fuckups so great as that election.
I must applaud your use of 'Vichy Democrat', and am going to run off with it now. Much classier than 'appeasement Democrat', or rude words, which I had been using previously.

Now if only we had a California governor candidate I'd bother to waste spit on. I shall be ashamed of my state if we can't dethrone the Governator.
Is that icon open to general use?
I made it from the ACLU's graphic. Enjoy, but consider supporting the ACLU in some way as well.
Thank you.
aMEN, sistah! (I fan you)
*fans back*
I <3 my new democrat senate nominee. I will <3 him more when he is my new senator. Now if only we could keep Lieberman out of the general election.

(I didn't get to vote either. Being politically independent isn't all it's cracked up to be.)

There's always shouting REAL LOUD.
Can...uh... can I sign onto this one, too?
I can't top a Vichy reference.
We'll circulate a petition, she said, grinning wickedly.
Hear her! I've been waiting for him to get the boot for years. Yay Connecticut is all I can say.
Vichy democrat! That's hilarious.
I love the term 'Vichy Democrat'! :)
kit_kindred came up with it, I believe. But man, it's perfect.
And Ken Salazar is turning into one also since he's still supporting Lieberman. *sigh* And I thought he'd be so much better than Pete Coors, not just a little bit better. :(