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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Why I am glad there is no wildlife in my apartment, reason #5603

I woke up this morning with a blue glitter ball in my bed.

My cat either loves me, or couldn't find the stables.



Well, yeah, I'm thinking it could have been a horse head. Yanno.

It *was* the *biggest* glitter ball.

There are advantages to indoor cats. *g* Which I suspect make up for the litter boxes.

l'esprit d'escalier

...yanno, it occurs to me, belatedly that you should be very careful not to be seen to be becoming any more successful of a hunter than you have been to date.

You wouldn't want them to graduate you to live slugs....

Reminds me...

This reminds me of the morning I woke up with a dead bird on my belly. Thank you, to the resident feline.
When we were first married, my husband had a cat who was 10 years old and who owned him. She wasn't sure I should be allowed on the couch. It took us a while to learn to get along, but I knew she'd accepted me the morning when I woke up to find dirty laundry, mostly underwear and socks, draped over my entire side of the bed (none of it on his). Now, this was a little six-pound gray cat, not the big guy I have now; it took her all night to haul most of the laundry up from the basement and we found a bath towel and a shirt on the stairs. But from then on I was never in doubt that she was bringing me her best possible fake mice as a sign of favor. It reminded me of Rita Mae Brown's cat, Baby Jesus, who brought her a mouse every day when she was writing.
awww presents. :)
It reminds me of the opening to Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, only rather than being pattered over with roses from bloody pawpads, you're being glittered upon--albeit in a limited, spherical way. A little more hygenic and a little more pleasant a way to awake.