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I will hold you anyway, and you'll grow strong and leave one day.

(via pnh) I am not well-traveled:

Got at!

Progress notes for 13 August 2006:

By the Mountain Bound

Pages revised:  28
Total pages:  414
Cuts and additions: Well, it was 418 pages when I started, and everything I cut was redundancies and scaffolding. And I've added about a page of new stuff.
Reason for stopping: Have to go back over this damned chapter again.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28 / 414

Stimulants:  peach tea
Exercise: hiked around UConn with stillnotbored today
Mammalian assistance: Mebd has abandoned me for my houseguest.
Mail: nomail

Today's words Word don't know: choosers, silkening, chooser, venomed, lovestruck,

Mean Things: forbidden love, doomed love, unrequited love, unacknowledged love, tainted love, and an attempted rape.
Tyop du jour: when the stun rises
Darling du jour:  To say he was hatchet-faced would be a kindness.
Jury-rigging: It's all jury-rigging. I added a transition that will hopefully make the (vitally important to the plot) opening seem less arbitrary, and now I'm trying to get Strifbjorn to step up and develop a goddamned voice, please. Bad angel, no biscuit.

Books in progress: Hal Duncan, Vellum
The internet is full of things: Creeptastic. May be triggery. But cool. (via anghara)

Tags: edda of burdens, progress notes

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