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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

You want it. You take it. You pay the price.

Progress notes for 14 August 2006:

By the Mountain Bound

Pages revised:  49
Total pages:  418
Things cut or added: Still weaseling out bits of that plotline that needs to be put into The Sea thy Mistress. There is this problem with a set of books that span about two and a half millennia in narrative. It is the fact that there's a lot of stuff that needs dealing with, and if one was clever on the first draft and tried to tie the book set in 500 in with the book set in 2400, one finds one's self a bit tangled up.

Still, it gets me from Ragnarok to shoggoth main battle groups, with room to spare. What's not to love?

Also, wrote a three page sex scene, and a bunch of expansion bits.
Deadline: nothing but self-imposed ones.
Reason for stopping: bedtime loometh.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
49 / 418

Stimulants:  sparkling water
Exercise: walked a mile to get to a pizza.
Mammalian assistance: Mebd is still ignoring me in favor of stillnotbored, who is the Best Toy Ever!
Mail: Lots of blogreviews of Blood and Iron.

almeda was underwhelmed. I lost her in the bushes somewhere.

oursin liked it much better, but at lesser length.

As did etumukutenyak, though sie thinks my plotting is hackneyed.

Today's words Word don't know: borning, sharped, cocooned (every time I get a new HD, I have to teach it the same old words.), scree,
Mean Things: Strifbjorn just committed an act of good Samaritanhood that will be haunting him through thirty incarnations. Moral: If you find a half-drowned goddess on the beach, finish the job.
Darling du jour:  All the good ones are spoilers or make no sense out of context.
Jury-rigging: I may have the voices down, though Strifbjorn's remains tricky. At it's base, it's that he's less formal than the other two, far more direct that Queen Circumlocution (a/k/a Muire), uses more complete sentences and has less of a tendency to drop unnecessary words than Mingan. Mingan's voice is almost enough to be called an accent. Also, he gets present-tense. Muire has a better vocabulary than the other two. Strifbjorn breaks the fourth wall and talks directly to his percieved audience, and he is a bit self-mocking. Muire's too big of a stiff to laugh at herself. The problem is, Muire and Strifbjorn are brother and sister and live in the same house, so the actual voices can't be too different. Rather, I have to show the differences in perception, what they see and what they notice.

That's harder than funny voices. Funny voices are a snap.

So Muire tends towards elaborate metaphors, and she's more detached/analytical. Strifbjorn is visual; that's where he always goes with his description if he can. He's aware of people as people, and he gets why they do stuff, and he's on to stuff they keep secret. Something that shocks Muire because she never sees it coming is, for him, an "I'm not supposed to know that, and I hope nobody finds out about that who would make it a scandal." Muire is socially awkward, and teased. Strifbjorn is socially careful, and respected.

It's a technical challenge, especially since the POV sections can be as short as three pages.

Also, when writing the zipless fuck in a medieval setting, it's important to remember the sword harness.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Mingan has a nasty tendency to run away from his problems. And an unsettling taste for really rough, messy sex.
Other writing-related work: Wrote the back cover copy for New Amsterdam.
Books in progress: Hal Duncan, Vellum
The glamour!: work, dishes, the usual.


Re: almeda


... wow. That is all.
stillnotbored, who is the Best Toy Ever!

That made me laugh hard enough to snort frappuccino. No, I don't know why.
Because you agree with the cat? Or because you have known some cats?
I think I'm leaning towards the former. She is a pretty cool toy.
it's important to remember the sword harness.


Clothes--they're always more complicated than we realize.
Yeah, I was going over it third time and, yanno, visualizing the choreography necessary to get things in the right places without taking clothes off, and went, oh, ow, sword hilt in bad place....

Saying more about myself than you...

>>Also, wrote a three page sex scene, and a bunch of expansion bits.<<

I got to this sentence and for a fraction of a second wondered if "expansion bits" was a metaphor. :D

Re: Saying more about myself than you...

As did etumukutenyak, though sie thinks my plotting is hackneyed.

Ulp. What I meant was..let me assure you..that you took a plot that could have been dull and boring but made it bright and shiny again. At least, that's what I intended to say.

I also love the hardly-seen Sidhe (like the Water Horse) being used so thoroughly in the plot. Other people have focused on the big Fairies and overlooked the little ones that can still sting.

I'd love to be reading more of any Promethean Age books, and especially anything that has more of the Merlin in it. I like this Merlin.
*g* Thank you! I'm sorry; I didn't mean to make you selfconscious. I did get that you liked it!

Carel's in W&W a bit; after that, I can't say what will happen next.
Phew! Didn't want to get on your bad side, or I could end up like Joe Buckley. ;-)

BTW, I have already consumed Scardown, Hammered, and Worldwired -- and passed those on to a good friend in need of good SF. :-D Just so you know I'm not a fly-by-night one-book enthusiast. And it's all hawkwing_lb's fault. She made me do it. ;-)
Shucks. Thank you.

...Joe Buckley?
I used to hang out in Baen's Bar, back in the day when it was more like a local pub. Joe Buckley was another Barfly who got an author (some say David Weber) to put him in as a redshirted character who died messily, and other Baen authors started putting him their books -- always dying a messy death. It's become a running joke. I think there's someone who's translated Joe Buckley into the German equivalent for a work in progress.

I have volunteered my real name for some authors who needed character names, along with other Barflies. It was one of the perks of hanging out on a regular basis. ;-)

Now I browse LJ for new authors to lurk at. :-)
Hee. I learned a bit of fannish history today.