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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Will and Kit's Excellent Adventure

There are times when living with a pair of bawdy, oversexed Elizabethan playwrights in my head is a little like sharing brainspace with a Renaissance Beavis & Butthead.

Suddenly, I seem to have an off-color pun for *everything*.


There are no good guys in Marlowe: only people you pity more than you hate, and the odd doomed innocent.


Bookkeeping: 1423 hard-fought words
Reason for stopping: No *clue* what happens next.

Today's snippet:

"...and they--are dangerous men. Even for a roguish fellow like myself, whose works drip with gore, unacquainted with gentle thoughts."

"Can the man who wrote Hero and Leander claim to be unacquainted with gentle thoughts?"

"Acquainted and yet unacquainted," Kit answered, laughing in return. The iron grew warm through his breeches; he shifted before it could scorch the fabric. The tip was not yet glowing red, he judged with a sideways glance. "It's a quaint little thing, that is to say: a poem about passion--"

"Kit, it's a poem about Leander's arse."


Love it!

Tho' worried about the iron.

And to prove that you aren't the only one, at first I was wondering if THAT was a bawdy pun. It's like the bit in one of the prose thingies (my brain insists it's Euphues, but I am a little dubious) where the hero is wandering the halls at night with clandestine intentions and his "naked sword," and the punchline is that, no, really, it IS his naked sword.

To misquote Christian from Moulin Rouge!, "Puns are like oxygen!"

Striking while the iron--

To paraphrase the joke about dirty Johnny, "No, it's a fireplace poker, but it shows you're thinking." *g*

And then they spend ap age discussing the wit, or lack therof, in Kit's pen. I really cannot control these boys. I think I need snaffle bits.

(realizes that letting Kit find out about pony boys could be an error, and leaves it at that)


Now I'm not!




His arse you say...::grin::

But it's nice to know even you don't always know what comes next lol.