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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Inferno (no krusher!)

14theditch is hot with the news. Ellen Datlow has announced the ToC of her October 2007 horror anthology, Inferno:

"Misadventure," Stephen Gallagher
"The Cinematographer," Laird Barron
"The Suits at Auderlene," Terry Dowling
"The Uninvited," Christopher Fowler
"Lives," John Grant
"An Apiary of White Bees," Lee Thomas
"Riding Bitch," K.W. Jeter
"Bethany’s Wood," Paul Finch
"Ghorla," Mark Samuels
"Hushabye," Simon Bestwick
"13 O’clock," Mike O’Driscoll
"Inelastic Collisions," Elizabeth Bear
"The Janus Tree," Glen Hirshberg
"Perhaps the Last," Conrad Williams
"The Monsters of Heaven," Nathan Ballingrud
"Stilled Life," Pat Cadigan
"The Ease With Which We Freed The Beast," Lucius Shepard
"The Bedroom Light," Jeffrey Ford
"Face," Joyce Carol Oates

The wilds of lj are well-represented. "Inelastic Collisions" is the story that I wrote in England, while lurgified on silme-and-luis_mw's couch, under the working title of "Gretchen and Tamara go Bowling." It's a sequel to both "Follow Me Light" and "Long Cold Day," both of which are still available on the SCIFICTION web site.


You're sharing a book with Joyce Carol Oates.

I may suffer a fatal attack of envy and admiration.

Joyce Carol Oates? Wow.
We must remember to put a plaque on the couch :)

"Inelastic Collisions was written here"
Maybe a needlepoint pillow....
A small shrine.

Oh, I only do cross-stitch! :)

Maybe we should bronze the sofa. ;)

Congrats, btw!


Having taken your place on silme and luis_mw's couch and spare futon, I can only say a) congratulations, and b) hope it rubs off on me. (Which means I hope my latest dissertation chapter gets anthologized. . . )

Need to add my voice to those who thoroughly enjoyed Blood & Iron; hoping that in Patience and Fortitude we'll see more of my favorite lions.

Re: congrats

*g* Fortitude gets a very brief mention in W&W. I expect they will turn up a bit in the third book. Just a hunch....

(Glad you liked the book, by the way.)
Sadly, my skills don't stretch to such things.

With such a pedigree, I think the couch should be in one of your stories :)
Hee. I suspect you would rather stay home and read, but I had thought of asking Amanda if she wanted to do this:

Well, we'll have to see how tired Amanda is when she gets in. *g*

And we could dress you up, I'm sure.