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bear by san

March 2017



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drive train _ netcurmudgeon


So this guy, name of Strifbjorn, six foot four in all directions, strapping fellow, carries a sword...

...really needs to not keep sounding like Jane Eyre.

*sporks self to death with a spork*

(and so the ranch is saved)


That is a very apt choice of music. :)

Do you want on the list for the chapters?
If Jane has gone all six-four and sword-wielding, I wonder what form Mr. Rochester would take...?

I think I've been at work too long, today.
Could you spork yourself to death with anything OTHER than a spork? ;) Or is that the point?
You can do it by alternating really quickly between a spoon and a fork, but it's tricky, and generally requires years of sporking experience.
Sure, after the great tragic love and the evisceration and the death of all he knows and it's mostly his fault, he gets to come back as a rent boy.

...Poor kid.
Is there, btw, some meaning for his name other than "born of strife"?

That does, though, give me a mental picture of someone who sounds either like Jayne (fm Serenity) or like Inigo Montoya... *g* Which is at least a change from Jane Eyre.
War-bear, I believe. Definitely some kind of bear.
Recently I was near a copy of Jane Eyre, and read the ending. The bit about Mr. Rochester going blind, so that he and Jane are more nearly equal, is something I don't recall ever seeing mentioned.

I wonder how well that would work in contemporary romance novels?
Do you mean work as in art or work as in something a mainstream romance publisher would buy? *wry look*
Awww....! I want the strapping, six-something, sword-bearing Strifbjorn to sound like Jane Eyre! It's so cute when he does that!

I've already got a warhorse named Petunia. Done that schtick. *g*
Make him sound like Bessie the maid instead. That'll keep 'em guessing.
"Reader, I eviscerated him"?
Yanno, if I could get him to do *that*....
Hey! That's my problem!

Although, of course, I got away with making my 6'2" flaming bitchy drama queen queer sound like Jane Eyre. ;)
Because on him, it works.

I can totally see Felix saying, "Reader, I eviscerated him."

On a Viking... not so much.
Hmmm. Betcha he's got some interesting pathetic fallacy then ;)
Sounds like a fairly average day at the leather bar down the street.

Man, San Francisco really does make one jaded.


Jane Einar

Eh, why not? All the other strapping Vikings will be grunting and having loud-body-noise competitions, after all.

I always liked him. Do I remember right that he had a great gory death scene? Shall he still?


Re: Jane Einar