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Roger Zelazny supposedly said that everybody gets one amnesia story.

I just realized that this is mine. It's just that the character with amnesia doesn't know sie has amnesia until sie gets sie memory back.

By the way, I will be reading at the KGB bar in New York City tomorrow. With shunn. Come join us. *g*

Progress notes for 15 August 2006:

By the Mountain Bound

Pages revised: 70 
Total pages: 407
Reason for stopping: Going dancing!

Stimulants:  seltzer
Exercise: gothercize!
Mammalian assistance: none. I am spurned.
Mail: page proofs for "Lucifugous," edit letter for "Inelastic Collisions," money for "War Stories." Also, Haddayr formally appreciates my hugs. *g*

Mean Things: Near-strangulation
Books in progress: Hal Duncan, Vellum
The glamour!: Boy, do my feet hurt.

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