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first things first

My lovely Roc editor Liz Scheier is a finalist for the Galleycat "Hotties of Publishing" poll.

Vote early, vote often.

If I weren't half-dead of it, I'd tell you about the trip to New York, but mostly, stillnotbored, stillsostrange and I went down to the city yesterday, did a 90-minute lap of midtown Manhattan (okay, I exaggerate. slightly.) drank and ate and schmoozed ourselves into exhaustion, and came home.

It was a lot of fun. shunn read a story of parental epiphany, and I retaliated with the touching story of a main battle robot and her boy.

Good times, good times.

slushgod took pictures. This is the one that occasioned the comment, "Nevermind red-eye reduction; I want zit reduction." (It never fails; if I have a public appearance, I get a zit the size of Texas.)
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