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bear by san

March 2017



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phil ochs troubador

Ten ways not to make your editor hate you.

1. Deadlines are there for everybody's protection.
2. She's already busy. Try not to suck. (By which I mean, don't get lazy just because you have an editor now.)
3. Don't argue unless you mean it.
4. If you mean it, don't be passive-aggressive about it.
5. Apologize when you are wrong.
6. When you are right, gloat quietly.
7. Don't make him apologize for the art department more than once per cover.
8. Intermittently, say thank you.
9. Swing for the fences.
10. Baked goods.


Those are actually, pretty generally, good things to try for in not making anyone hate you. But here's to staying on the right side of editors!
1. Deadlines are there for everybody's protection.

Not just to make pretty swooshing sounds as they fly by?
Good list, and most of these I'd picked up myself - largely through the 'error' side of 'trial and error' - but what does #9 actually mean? In its literal and metaphorical senses, please?
It's a baseball-ism. You swing for the fences when you set out to hit a home run, and swing really hard. If you miss, there's the possibility you'll spin around and fall in the dirt and look foolish, but you're putting everything into that swing and trying to win the game.

Which is to say, "Swing for the fences" means "inject every iota of ardor and boldness you have into the endeavor."
My addition would be: Know how you act out your anxiety. A working relationship works so much more smoothly when both parties can discern what is "hold my hand!" and what is "I'm confident, but confused."

(Not that Know Thyself isn't generally good advice.)
*paints a big BEAR IS WISE sign*
You have a boy editor? Huh. I didn't know there were any of those.
I have two boy editors. And three girls. So I can seat them girl boy girl boy girl and they will stay out of trouble. *g*
Just to add, instead of

10. baked goods

I tried a basket of gourmet chocolate from a store in Soho

and found it remarkably effective. :)
Sing it, sistah. SPot on.

("cept that I really WOULD subsitute gourmet chocolates for the baked goods. I do okay baking, but I wouldn't want to inflict editors with it...)
10. Baked goods

Is also a very good idea for rewarding subject matter experts when they actually talk to you instead of hiding under their desks when you come around. Especially if your project comes in on time. :-)
OH! A plan! Next time I send you brownies, you can give 'em to the editors if you don't want them yourself.
Hee. Good plan!
So brownies and fudge are best recommendations for an editor who doesn't return E-mail?

*g* I was figuring on a "ten ways not to make Production hate you" post later--

Now if only my contributors would follow these when dealing with me, I might not collapses from stress in putting that damn lit mag together...*eyes teenage ingrates*
Heh. I have no editor to keep on my side, but after a very nice horse trainer spent three months trying (with astonishingly positive results) to insert a brain into my mare's head I called her mother/barn manager and asked one question:

"Banana bread or chocolate chip cookies?"

It seemed the least I could do.
That's a lovely mare. Is she an appy?