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good night, Austin, Texas, where ever you are.

Poppy is mighty.

As there appear to be about 90 more people reading this journal today than there were yesterday. *waves feebly*

So, um, administrative stuff.

Hi. This is me. I look like that, only currently chubbier, with shorter hair, and no scribbles on my face. I wrote these books, except the one on the bottom, which is by somebody else with the same name. (Much like the old joke about the works of Shakespeare.) You all are more than welcome to comment, talk, and discuss things among yourselves in the comment threads. If you are planning on flaming anybody... go back to your own journal. I can't promise to answer every comment, but if I have something to say, I will.

If you want to talk about a book of mine in terms that will involve fairly serious spoilering, please go over here. I don't regularly read the community, though, so if you want to ask me a question, it's better to do it here.

No, I don't mind if you don't read my stuff and want to hang out anyway. However, you should know that I do collect every review of my work that I can find. *g* Good and bad, professional and unprofessional. So if you do read it, and comment in public, and I find it, I will stick a link here. (I respect friends-locks. Never fear.)

I also post a lot about writing, and sometimes about odd stuff that catches my eye.

Welcome in, have a drink, and be good.

I didn't do any real writing today, but I did start thinking about the next sex scene in By the Mountain Bound. Which will, I think, be the ellen_kushner / Delia Sherman memorial gay long-hair smut.

Yanno, I'm not sure I've written a sort of sweet sex scene since 2001. This may be tricky. On the other hand, it might be fun.

(By the way, Ellen's on the radio tomorrow morning at 5 am. Go look at her blog; there's a streaming media link.)

Speaking of narcissistic linking, here's a few more B&I reviews and comments, all from livejournal pals.

athenais loved Blood & Iron.

adelynne liked it, and had problems siding with or liking Elaine. [Which is totally cool with me. Nobody's supposed to side with any of my characters. There are occasionally ones I would kind of expect the sane people to side against, but that's different.]

misia liked the book. I made her sniffly. She had some problems with the POV shift and a dead-on comment about a structural flaw of the book I never was quite able to address in any meaningful fashion; some discussion in comments.

And if you absolutely can't live without a copy of Carnival for another four months, there's an ARC for sale on eBay currently. But if you're going to go give the sneak selling it money for something s/he's not supposed to be selling, I expect you to buy two copies for friends when it comes out.

It's only fair.

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