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These are the only ones of which the news has come to Harvard.

Progress notes for 19 August 2006:

No new words today, but I have to go poke "Limerent" after dinner and see if it will spit  anything out.

But. I finished the rest of my to-do list: Editorial letter on "Inelastic Collisions," check. Edits on "Tideline," check. (ellen_kushner fixed the ending for me. She's a fookin' genius.) Re-fixed "War Stories" (somehow the edits got lost) and sent the corrected version to Eric. And I sent off a draft of my article for ASIM.

And then I went through the page proofs for "Lucifugous." The 25,000 word not-Victorian vampire novella in the New Amsterdam setting that will be in the next Subterranean.

I am so damned mighty I have to call my assistant to get an appointment with myself, today.

Reason for stopping: Valkyrie needs food badly.
Stimulants:  Seltzer
Exercise: Some walking around Hartford with stillsostrange
Mammalian assistance: Mebd came to visit for a bit while I was editing.
Mail: nomail

Mean Things: circuit corrosion
Darling du jour:  Contemporary fantasy--by which I mean fantasy that takes place contemporaneous to the experience of the storyteller--has been with us since we crawled out of caves and invented tripart rhyme.
Jury-rigging: I cut 750 words out of this 1750 word essay to get a workable draft. It is much better now.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Jack thinks its unfair that the girls get vampire smut and he doesn't.

Books in progress: Hal Duncan, Vellum
The Internet is full of Things: truepenny, with her shiny genre theorist hat on, talks about another way of dividing up speculative fiction and making it wear armbands.

I think this is a fantastic little essay, and I think she's totally right. And that she's just articulated something I've been floundering after for years: that when a book doesn't Prote, to misappropriate her terminology terribly, I find it very disappointing.

The glamour!: There is no glamour. But boy did I get a bunch of work done. And now, noodles!

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