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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


And nothing pleases me more than the fact that I can't bring my contact lens rewetting drops on a scathingly dry airplane, I gotta tell you that right now.


They actually relaxed the restrictions a little bit; you can take up to 4 oz. of "essential non-prescription liquid medications", including "eye care products". I don't wear contacts myself, so I have no idea what size bottle your drops are in, but I should think they would fall under the eye care products heading.

(The current list of restricted items is here.)
But that could be...a bottle of liquid cyanide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh, Bear...you writers and your imaginations!

I mean...surely you know that terrusses are stooooppid and can't come up with things like that!

How is KY an essential medication?
One does wonder.


For really unfortunate situations, such as for people with catheters (for example, people with ileostomies)?

Lack of fluids (eyedrops) are also tough on people with Sjogren's.
Okay, I'll buy that.
Thanks for putting up that link.

Now, hopefully the UK will borrow a dollar to buy a clue sometime soon.

... he said unsympathetically.

That, dear lady, is why God invented glasses.

Re: ... he said unsympathetically.

Which give me a headache if I wear them for more than a couple of hours, and I hate driving or being out in public in them, because I have no peripheral vision.

I'm at 8 diopters in both eyes. I literally cannot recognize somebody I know who is sitting next to me on a sofa without correction.

... somewhat less unsympathetically.

I'm at 8 diopters in both eyes. I literally cannot recognize somebody I know who is sitting next to me on a sofa without correction.

Very ouch. I'm not quite that bad -- yet, I suppose.

Re: ... he said unsympathetically.

It's deeply ouch, indeed ... but how about an emergency pair, to be worn while clearing security/going on board, taken off while snoozing in flight, and put back on for just long enough to reclaim your hold luggage and find a toilet in which to reinsert the contacts?

(Yes, I know this is no substitute for sensible security instead of Bozo The Clown. Question is, would it help?)

Re: ... he said unsympathetically.

I *hate* this idea. I used to fly in my glasses, and they'd *always* get mangled somehow - putting luggage into overhead compartments, someone josting me (I'm short) with their elbow, etc. etc.


Fscking security *theater* is what this is.

And this idea that your luggage will *definitely* be there when you deplane. HA! it is to cry with bitter recollection, this idea. (Not that you're saying it would just... AAAAAAAAAAAGH!)

Re: ... he said unsympathetically.

I suppose as the gene donor of this condition, i should have a cure...but i dont... it would be easier to wear glasses and be blind for a few hours than to get a bureacracy to be sensible... A white cane?.. they you could accidentally smack a few of the blaggards?..

Re: ... he said unsympathetically.

I'm -7 in both eyes. I hate having no peripheral vision as well, and I think it's damned unsafe for me to be out and about in glasses rather than contacts.

"What about my rewetting drops?!" was my first reaction to the fluids ban, too.
This is my plan.

Try not to stab any TSA agents with your works....
Let us know how it goes? I need to carry the same type of supplies if I go away for more than a week.
Well yeah...because for all they know you could have had your eyeballs replaced with explosives, and the drops could be the detonator.
I couldn't live without my drops when I had contacts, toward the end. Why can't the idiots simply require sealed packages to be taken on? Oh, right, you bribed the factory to sell you a lot of detonator liquid in eye drop bottles.
I just got contacts, and I was asking my eye doctor about that, and he said, "Pack 'em in carry-on, and wear glasses--the airplane air would dry them out too quickly anyway." But I guess this is not helpful advice if you only have the contacts.

I was just thinking, Oh CRAP! .... and then I remembered, I'm driving, not flying to Anaheim. Clearly it is tme to go to bed.
Yeah, I have three freaking glaucoma meds I have to entrust to check-in luggage. Lovely.
I generally wear my glasses on planes anyway, unless it's a very short flight - my eyes are much happier when I get to my destination when I do this.
Why do you hate America?

I am so glad I am driving to Kansass Citty for my mother's birthday party. Even if I do hit rush hour traffic in St. Louis coming home, so help me Hannah.
Words. Do. Not. Cover. It.
Oh just. TELL. me. about. it.

I cannot convey the depth of my disgust at their incredible overreactive stupidity.

I read a pretty great article on this stuff just yesterday.