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Where is the lion in you to defy them when you're this weak?

Sometimes, massive quantities of Joni Mitchell is just what the doctor ordered.

Progress notes for 29 August 2006:


New Words:  823
Total Words:  8156
Pages: 36
Deadline: September 5
Reason for stopping: bedtime

Stimulants:  Assam, salt and vinegar chips
Exercise: none
Mammalian assistance: Mebd has been fetched home, yay!
Mail: money!

Today's words Word don't know: unspeaking, almondine

Mean Things: Redcoats.
Darling du jour: It being Wednesday, she also had both morning papers, the New Amsterdam Courant and The New World Times, the second of which actually concerned itself with little more than New England, New Holland, and Virginia.

Books in progress:
John Lindow, Norse Mythology;

The Internet is full of Things: Wow. Just wow. What a horrible thing to do to one of my favorite vegetable dishes.
The glamour!: I cleaned and sort-of organized my bookshelves today. I need more bookshelves. Please note, this is a chronic rather than an acute condition.

Tags: new amsterdam, progress notes, short fiction

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