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what we are witnessing

is the dying convulsion of a certain kind of privilege. And as in any case where somebody is having an unfair advantage taken away, many of the ones who have come to rely on that advantage are pretty upset about it, and are going to be bitter about lost dominance

It may take about a hundred years to change society. But no matter how angry many of us are that men will still attempt to assert social and sexual dominance over women in a crude and obvious fashion, the fact of the matter is that a sea-change is underway. And every time somebody says "Hey, that is not okay," and other people back him or her up, we get a little closer to equality.

We do not need to let them cast the argument in their terms. We don't need to convince them; they only marginalize themselves, and while a couple of loud shouters can seem like a roomful, the fact of the matter is that they are not. What's annoying political correctness to some is common decency to others, and more of us are moving into positions of social and political and personal power. We don't need their approval. We don't need the blessing of their power structures. Time to take back the planet.

And man, no wonder they're upset.

When you're used to being in charge, that's gotta sting.

And as Naomi Wolf pointed out a while back, there are more of us than there are of them. So why are we letting them define the terms of debate?


You're winning.

Tags: collective action, feminism, us and them

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