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and the sun drips down bedding heavy behind the front of your dress all shadowy lined

Progress notes for 3 September 2006:


New Words:  2454
Total Words: 15047
Pages: 64
Deadline: September 5
Reason for stopping: End of the draft. Yay!

Stimulants:  peaches and Thumbelina melons and coffee
Exercise: none
Mammalian assistance: Mebd was climbing over me while I was typing yesterday.
Mail: Kerry Dustin really liked Blood & Iron

So did My Mother Is A Fish

Today's words Word don't know: limerence, thaumaturgical, ensorcelment

Mean Things: Lost love, apples.
Darling du jour: She was intoxicated, perhaps not the best state in which to be making life-altering  decisions, but she'd never let that stop her.
Tyop du jour: had dome somewhat more than kiss
Jury-rigging: Well, the story has a deliberate anticlimax, which is always tricky. We'll see if I pulled it off.

There's always one more quirk in the character: Jack does play up the gothy waifboy thing, given half a chance.
Books in progress:
John Lindow, Norse Mythology;

The Internet is full of Things: The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic.
The glamour!: Wow, I need to do laundry and sweep up the shreds of the murdered glitter balls festooning my apartment. Mebd was very cute last night carrying the green one around and crooning to it, however.

Tags: new amsterdam, progress notes, reviews, short fiction

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