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The guys at Language Log are a constant source of amusement and please. Yesterday's offering, Bards of Speech, in particular. Today's is pretty good too.

Meanwhile, whew. One more thing off the to-do list. And one step closer to the promised sort-of-vacation. I still need to write ~30,000-~40,000 words of New Amsterdam (one more novelette and the climactic novella), but I'm going to put that off for a month or so, since it's not due until December. Because I really need a vacation from having to write new words.

And I have enough other work to keep me good and busy for a while. Specifically, there's the revision on "Limerent," (due Tuesday), the CEM of Whiskey & Water (due September 22), and the rewrites of All the Windwracked Stars (currently waiting until I sell it to somebody) and By the Mountain Bound (which I am doing on spec, in part because Mingan keeps bugging me). And there will be a rewrite on Undertow too, and--if it gets bought--on The Stratford Man.

And maybe some of those short stories that have been so patient.

Yeah, that's enough for fall.
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