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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


...I really need to write the Thor-and-Loki in drag story.

Although it would work better in a comic book format.

Or at the very least, fully illustrated.

Because, okay, Loki, all about the genderfuck, and constantly. No shock there, mother of monsters.

But Thor in a skirt?

That's special.



(what on earth else did you think I was talking about?)
You could very well be more of a smart ass than I am. Congratulations! :D
Oh, I didn't even use this icon.

Poor Thor.

The worst part was shaving his legs. *g*
I'm just saying that it's usually safer not to assume the person you're commenting to is stupid, when they're making an allusion to something they, you know, care enough about to have an icon for. ;-)
Thor in a skirt? Have you no shame? :D
Yanno, I bet Loki drank on that one for YEARS.
... And be gentle with my "hammer"!
That's what Loki said.
Do *not* make me write Thor/Loki femmeslash.
You probably couldn’t use the Marvel character designs in that story, but it would be a hoot...
No, no, no.... the best part of the story?

Is that they *passed.*

Maybe. If you recognized that those two guys in drag were the god of thunder and the god of mischief, would you let on that you weren’t fooled?
If one of them was masquerading as Freyja, who you were supposed to be MARRYING?
Eeek! Time to spike the punch, spread a few rumors, and create enough chaos to sneak out before the vows. Just imagine the social stigma of sleeping with a shapeshifted Loki and being forever after known as the father of the little half-sibling of the Fenris Wolf and Midgard Serpent...
Thor was highly motivated by his need to get Mjollnir back, after all. Must have given him good reason to put his heart into the act.

Am I the only one who finds the hammer-as-phallic-symbol angle an odd twist on this story?
I don't find anything as a phallic symbol an odd twist in Norse myth....
Well, no maybe not. But since no one had mentioned that detail yet...
Loki: "Nice skirt!"
Thor: "It's a kilt, dammit!"
Yeah, I mean obviously--a Utilikilt, right?
Hells yeah. I mean...you gotta have somewhere to stick Mjolnir, right?


I'd pay top dollar to see that...

But then, I am an unashmed lover of all those Loki-Thor squabble stories...*rolls eyes* Geeze, guys, get a room already! (Bet Loki's tried that; but Thor's too homophobic...Why do you think he got so upset when Loki cut off all his wife's hair?)
Bruce Coville write a YA about Thor-in-a-skirt: THOR'S WEDDING DAY from Harcourt.
Yeah, it's taken from the same norse myth I'm talking about.
That would be spectacular- that myth doesn't get nearly as much press as I should like.
or as Loki would like, for that matter.
Loki could never get as much press as he would like, though.