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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I was 16, he was twenty-one... and Papa would have shot him if he'd knew what he'd done.

Hey, I guess it's official now.

I will be the Author GoH at Penguicon next year, April 20-22 in Troy, Michigan. truepenny will be coming with me, for those of you who enjoy the Mole And Bear Show. (not to be confused with the Bear Lake Show. Which is different, and involves more cross-dressing and hoisting of rather large unaerodynamic people into the air.)

Speaking of crossdressing, I finished

Book # 58, John Lindow, Norse Myth: The Long Subtitle last night.

I liked it. Lindow has a snarky sense of humor that emerges more and more as the book wears on (he appears to have suffered some sort of an emotional break around the esses and gone "whatever. I'm just going to be funny"), and he's good on obscure bits of things and people, shored up with judicious use of primary sources. This is not a narrative folklore book, but a dictionary of gods and goddesses.

Also speaking of crossdressing, I accidentally stumbled across this cover version this morning after being earwormed on "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves" by NPR, of all the places you don't expect to be afflicted by an evil song. And I am endlessly entertained by a yes, hard-rock power-ballad version of a song I've always had a guilty fondness for. As performed by three guys from Chicago.

Yanno, that's a totally different song when a man sings it.

And no, they didn't change the lyrics.

I think I like these boys.


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You're going to be at Penguicon? Awesomeness! It's the one convention I always make it to. (Not that you know me from Adam, but I think it's damn cool that you'll be there.)
Very nice. My stomping grounds and without any volleyball tournaments scheduled at the moment, that's one of the conventions I'm likely to make it to next year. (ConFusion being the other one.)
Three guys from Chicago singing "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves"?!?!??!?! Donnie Rumsfeld in bondage on a pogo stick...with glittery pink lip gloss.

My brain was in bad shape today after spening a weekend dealing with the efforts of Jemmy the Pyrate Cat to make sure I didn't sleep for long enough for the clowns to eat me. That may have been the final blow.

Not having read Lindow, I shall speculate from complete ignorance that what he may have said was "Screw academic impartiality; pretending this shit can't be snarked on is wack and I'm going for it. Besides, if they've read this far and haven't thought that themselves, they need the Clue Stick."

Three cheers for the Mole and Bear Show! Near-sighted omnivores with dry senses of humor are a Good Thing.
Donnie Rumsfeld in bondage on a pogo stick...with glittery pink lip gloss.

Speaking of final blows....

Penguicon! And you sneakily waited until the prereg memberships went up by $5 to mention this! Evil Bear!

(Now to figure out how to swing this and Minicon only a couple of weeks apart....)
I've lost track, but if this is your first GoHship, extra congratulations for that. If not, heck, take them anyway; something else will come along that you can apply them to, I'm sure.

It is, actually, except for Writer's Weekend, where I was one of a small army of teacher-types. *g* So thank you!
Kewl. We can finally hook up all proper-like. And I know where all the good restaurants are. ;)

If I remember it right, the convention has moved to very odd "starship" hotel. When you're walking those curving hallways just pretend you're on the USS Enterprise.
I will be the Author GoH at Penguincon next year, April 20-22 in Troy, Michigan.

Congratulations, honey! *hugs*
Speaking of such things, when is the next installment of the Bear Lake show? I needs me some cross-dressing, high-hoisting action.


And congrats on the tap!
World Fantasy? Failing that, Wiscon!
Woo hoo! Michigan, been too long since I've seen you.
OMG, this is going to be fun! More fun! Can't wait.

(Bring your pirate clothes. Both of you. You are officially invited to sail The Snow Queen with us. There will be Rum.)
...oh dear.

You know, I had a Very Bad Rum Experience once...
Hey, you'll be practically in my hometown!

And I'll be teaching Monday-Wednesday-Friday classes in April, so I'm not sure I'll be able to manage it. Damnation.
Awww. :-( Because that would be cool.
Congrats on the GoH gig! (Why "Mole"?)
Because she is! (or you could ask her.)

Oh, excellent. See you there!
Congrats on being Guest of Honor! That's excellent.
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