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...and nothing worse will happen to you all day

[18:44] matociquala: Okay, you know the swallow a live frog thing?
[18:44] matociquala: Apparently, this is a Swedish technique for getting rid of the evil eye....
[18:44] leahbobet: Classy.
[18:45] matociquala: My relatives are weird.
[18:45] leahbobet: ...ew, I did not know this thing.
[18:45] tanaise: thankfully no.
[18:45] stillsostrange: You'll get rid of something, for sure
[18:45] matociquala: I did not know it until just now.
[18:45] tanaise: you know, the Turks, they just have a little glass eye you pin to your clothing.
[18:45] matociquala: I hope it's a spring peeper
Tags: but that trick never works, chatroom transcripts

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