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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

this is yendi's fault:

His link, to a deep-fried bacon double cheeseburger, inspired a chatroom conversation that lead to a news article on deep-fried Coca Cola. And a Dallas Morning News article that offers the immortal sentence:

"Give a person a good wiener, and you've got them."

Oh, and in other news, I sold a story to a new market, "Coyote Wild," today. It was my oldest story still in circulation, "Abjure the Realm," a sort of weird little apologia for Odd-Eyed Wicked Witches and Clubfooted Apolitical Bards the folklore over. It's an unabashed straight swords-and-sorcery riff.

Also, it has made up ballad bits.

And an undead army.

And it's totally unrepentant. *g*


REM covered "First We Take Manhattan"?

*off to iTunes...*
I am the source of all cover version crack. *g*
Downloading as I type...
How about Don Ho's take on "Shock The Monkey"?

Oh, wait, that's cover version on crack. My mistake.
Hey, that one comes with a whole bonus album of cracktastic covers, for only $16 including shipping.
Yeah; I have it. The Herman's Hermits "White Wedding" is actually pretty good.

BTW, the incredibly cracktastic Hawaii Five-O-ish cartoon video for the Don Ho song...well, it's not quite as weird as "Total Eclipse of the Heart" on kitchen appliances, but still.
When I play that CD for someone, end-to-end, there are reliably two songs that make them recoil in revulsion and horror, and two that they blink and say, "Hey, I like that one better than the original." However, which are where changes for each person. :-> My three loves on that album were "Insane in the Brain" (I can hear all the woooooords!), "Ohio," and "Carry on my Wayward Son". "What a Wonderful World" broke me with the country harmonica solo and I was never the same since. :->

Also, it's descriptions like that that make me wish I had broadband. :->
Give a person a good wiener, and you've got them.


...nope, too easy.
I guess that's the proof not to trunk them if you still believe in them. Since I think that one has nearly thirty rejections.
Heh. And we're delighted to have it. *g*

Re: Very glad

Hee. You all are like a vast livejournal conspiracy.....


Re: Very glad

Yes, thank you.


I was reading their GLs after you posted this and got all excited and then discovered that none of the stories or poems I have on today's disk are in RTF. And my work computer is screwed up so Word isn't working on it right now, meaning I can't change them till late tonight or tomorrow at home...I'm so impatient sometimes. :)
Congratulations on the sale!

Is the undead army the good guys or the bad guys?
Good? Bad? *g*

(thank you!)
thank you!
Yay, sale!

And yay, new market. I hadn't heard of Coyote Wild yet.
They are a shiny new semipro, and from their guidelines, they have a preference for trickster stories.

...go fig.
Looking forward to Coyote Wild's debut!
"deep-friend" Coca-Cola? :)
I am a lousy typist. This has been established lo, many a time.

Pointing it out only annoys the pig. *g*
I wasn't pointing it because I think you're a lousy typist - I only thought it was rather funny. However, point taken. My apologies for being such a thoughtless asshole. It won't happen again.
It's okay. As a lousy typist, I'm used to being made fun of for it.
Besides, you include your tyops of the day just to make us poor readers giggle.

I only get a typo that's any good (Ie, not just "teh" yet again) about once a month, and one that's really funny about once a year or less.
This is true. I *know* I am a crappy typist!

I guess I'm inviting mockery, at that.
This a Maladysaunte story that I seem to recall reading long ago?