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this is yendi's fault:

His link, to a deep-fried bacon double cheeseburger, inspired a chatroom conversation that lead to a news article on deep-fried Coca Cola. And a Dallas Morning News article that offers the immortal sentence:

"Give a person a good wiener, and you've got them."

Oh, and in other news, I sold a story to a new market, "Coyote Wild," today. It was my oldest story still in circulation, "Abjure the Realm," a sort of weird little apologia for Odd-Eyed Wicked Witches and Clubfooted Apolitical Bards the folklore over. It's an unabashed straight swords-and-sorcery riff.

Also, it has made up ballad bits.

And an undead army.

And it's totally unrepentant. *g*
Tags: amusement value, gobsmacked, journey to the fryolator, you can't make this up

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