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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I have a busy social schedule this weekend. Tonight I arch with netcurmudgeon, ashacat and taichigeek, tomorrow I meet ashacat at the gym then head out for dinner with arcaedia, and on Saturday I am going to the Glastonbury art show with ashacat and netcurmedgeon. (it's an outdoor art and craft show on the town green, annual event). Sunday, my friend Trevor is going to show me how one goes geocaching, then I'm having dinner with him and his wife Marie.


Swarm Of Beasts reviews The Chains That You Refuse.

Coming up next, my version of the howtowriteanovel meme justinelavaworm inadvertently kicked off.


Yeah howtowriteanovel meme!

And yanno, I have my archery letter from high school around here somewhere...
After dinner you (and arcaedia if they should so please) ought to consider coming by Theatro Del Scassa at the Webster Underground for some gothercize!

'Cos I'd love to see you.

Also, I may have need of a favor in the next couple of days involving you and your truck, if you're willing. Sofa. If I'm the lucky Freecycler.
Hmm. I don't think I will make that particular party. *g*

As for the truck, sure, as long as it's not too long of a drive (she's old and getting finicky and I can't afford to fix her right now) and as long as you'll help me take the spare tire and the bicycle out of the back.

Kung Fu-tse say, woman with truck never bored on weekend.
West Hartford, Braeburn area, or so it says on the Freecycle post.

And of course I'll help with bicycle and spare tire.

Normally I'd just say "hell with it, strap it to the roof of my wagon," but it's a sleeper sofa, and thus a bit heavy for that.

I may not get it in any case.

But thank you!
My pleasure!
I like geocaching! and after a few years just using online maps to get me near, I got a GPS at this past weekend's sale at REI - a way fun excuse to go out strolling in the Really Big Room with the Blue Ceiling!