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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

The cat is farting. I should make coffee and shower so I can get back to the CEM.

And JJA gave me a lovely plug for Carnival at SCI FI Wire. Yeah, I say "sort of" a lot.


You are quite the busy bee. :-)
Sort of. *g*
I know. This is all years and years worth of work reaching critical mass at the same time. Lucky they're different flavors.
It is nice to be diverse! (Actually, I have been working my ass off for about five or six years. It's just that when it hits, it hits all at once.)
You know, I read these things so I can tell myself, "Self, if YOU'D worked your but off for the last (whatever) years, YOU could be doing this too."

As motivation it's had mixed results, tho. ;-D
Well, you have been doing things like running a business and being a student and raising a kid. Which is, yanno, working your butt off.
But I *could* have found time to write. I know this, because there were times when I *did.*

Not that beating myself up about it does any good, so I think I'll stop now. Forward!
I'm learning a lot from reading your entries.

Just thought you'd like to know!
Thank you. And you'e welcome!
The cat is farting.

I feel your pain.

Mine purposefully curl up on my lap and then wait until I'm really stuck into my writing before they let rip. I swear I can see them grinning as I run choking from the room.