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Mysterious Galaxy
Best sellers for July 2006
Trade Paperbacks

    1)THE LINE BETWEEN by Peter Beagle
    2)BLOOD & IRON by Elizabeth Bear
    3) HONORED ENEMY by Feist & Forstchen
    4) ECHELON by Josh Conviser
    5) CHAINS THAT YOU REFUSE by Elizabeth Bear

Thanks, M'e!

I had a conversation last night with l'agent last night regarding the commercial potential of Whiskey & Water. Fortunately, we had a bottle of wine handy...

Well, it's a challenging book. It's certainly the densest thing I've ever written. (I also happen to think it's the best. This week, anyway.)

And it does have an *awful* lot of boom, especially at the end.

She also says I should be more positive about my work in public. *g* But hey, I'm a Yankee; I was raised not to brag. On the other hand, I loved each and every one of those books enough to spend months or years of my life on them, so there you go. And I expect the next two or three to be even more polarizing than Blood & Iron seems to be.

And I actually do think I'm pretty okay at this writing thing. Yanno. And getting better every day. (There, arcaedia. Can I go back to complaining about how much I suck now? No? How about posting links to bad reviews? Yanno, this marketing thing is harder than it looks!)

I figure if I don't manage to destroy my career in the next twelve months, what with the fluffy psychic animal companion wish-fulfillment Viking deconstruction wolf smut book, and the book in omniscient with the ensemble cast of something close to fifty characters, and the Big Gay Planet Of The Amazon Women book... then the much more commercial stuff I have coming out in 2008 will be a shoe-in.

(You'll all buy a Big Gay Planet Of The Amazon Women book, won't you?)

Either that, or everybody will decide I've sold out and abandon me. (Start practicing now: "Elizabeth Bear? Well, I respect her early work, but then she started writing trashy Elizabethan romances....")

But I have faith is all of you. (That's code for, "If you bought it for your mom and all the girls at the bridge club, I wouldn't find it in my heart to complain.")

Och, quick, I'd better sell a couple of proposals before the numbers for Carnival come in....

(kidding, kidding. sheesh. Let's just say that I'm prone to risk-taking behavior, and I'm very aware of it. And on that note, I think I'm gonna eat some jellybeans and play Civilization now.)

Tags: full-formed from the head of seuss, narcissism, no sense of humor of which we are aware

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