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He lifts his big foot up. He puts his big foot down. And bows. And twirls. And dances round & round.

mmarques was disappointed by Blood & Iron:

I think the problem was that I didn't care much about the main character (Elaine Andraste) until far into the book. For much of the book, I didn't see her as having a goal or a specific problem to overcome.

volterra liked it more.

I turned the last page and said "Damn!" aloud on the airplane because the book was over and I wanted more. It's not a perfect book, but it's an absorbing one.

And I totally scored with dichroic: (papersky, she likes Farthing a heck of a lot, too.)

I don’t fall in love with new books as often as I used to; I don’t know whether I’m less easily impressed or if it’s that I’ve already read a lot of the older ones I’m likely to love by now. It’s very rare for me to fall in love with two books in a row, but that’s what’s happened this weekend.

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