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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Experiments in alternative publishing models

So. Just floating an idea here, as I try to get my feet under me on this full-time writer thing. How many of you out there in radioland would be interested in a subscription service, say, monthly fiction-by-email?

You might get any or all of the following: vignettes, erotica, previously published short stories that had a very limited market, flash fiction, self-fanfic, cut scenes from published books, sample chapters from unfinished books, failed experimental fiction, grotty rejects, outright porn, self-parody, parody of others, and so forth.

If you were interested in something of that nature, what would you be willing to pay for it? And what sort of stuff would you most want to recieve?


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I might be interested.
I would be willing to pay.
I would want whatever your muse was torturing you with.
What a fabulous affirmation! I'd be very interested (surprise, surprise)... *hugs*

As to payment and offerings -- hit me with it! :)

Interested, yes, very.

Willing to pay, yes.

(Currently able, no, but that's a different thing entirely.)
Interested? Yep

Willing to pay? Also a yep.
Why by email? If you're going to the trouble of e-publishing, use some sort of web-based setup. They're not that hard to get set up and all of the decent ones these days offer RSS syndication (so subscribers can use whatever client they like to get the new content). They could have built-in discussion forums, so subscribers can talk about what they've read.

Better yet, you could get other authors on board to contribute content and sweeten the pot -- this reduces the burden on you to constantly be producing, gives a variety, and potentially attracts a greater number of readers (more money!)
It would be a PDF chapbook by email delivery system.

As for the other, not a bad idea, but I'm not interested in running a magazine; I've done that, and it's time consuming.

Sign me up!

Regarding cost ... Well, I freely shuck out five bucks a year to get Weather Underground without ads. Pyramid is an online weekly that goes for $25/year, IIRC. Smithsonian Air And Space and American Porno Photo are each about $18/year, with American Photo being a bi-monthly. And, The Sun, that dreary collection of boomer literary pretense, goes for $36/year.

Ten bucks sounds good. ...Especially if you're editing is better than Steven Marsh's at Pyramid! ;-)

Re: Sign me up!

*g* Ten bucks seems to be about the going rate. We'll see if it gets enough yes votes to pay for itself, I think....
I guess I'm going to sound like the naysayer, so my apologies for that.... I currently subscribe to probably 10+ pro and semi-pro mags, which price-wise sure adds up but I really want to support them. I also buy lots of the small press anthologies (Golden Gryphon, Tachyon, Night Shade Books, etc.). So I've got more short fiction than I'll ever be able to read, and not enough money.

And short fiction has to be fit in between reading novels!

But please don't take this as a reflection on you in any way -- I can't think of any writer for whom I'd be willing to pay money for this kind of service. IMHO, there's just too much good stuff out there already, and I'm spending more $ on my reading habit than I can justify as it is.

Best of luck with your endeavors!
You should check out Lance Mannion. He already does this.

He seems like an agreeable sort. I'm sure he would be open to discussing how it's working out for him.
I know a bunch of writers who do it. *g* I'm trying to see if it's feasible for *me* to do it.
I find complete works (whether they’re flash fiction, short stories or novels) more interesting than sample chapters. Erotica and porn are fine, particularly if they appeal to my wife. :-) The thing I’d love to see in cut scenes would be the equivalent of the extras that come on a DVD— something I can print out and slip in the back of a novel with references to the page number where the scene goes and perhaps some author’s notes on why the scene got cut. (When ebook readers become practical— I have my eye on the Sony one— that could become very easy to integrate, with the cut scenes showing up as icons in the margin that can be expanded into the full scene. I’m attached to the stories, not the physical medium of books, and will be quite happy when I can start compacting my 6000+ book library into digital form.)

I liked your earlier idea of fans becoming patrons. Ideally, I’d like to be able to purchase a subscription to the complete creative output of any author I choose (via monthly payments), and have everything from short stories to novels automatically show up in my electronic library. The reality would be a bit more complex, as there would need to be trickle-down to reward editors, and allowance for granularity of publishing novels or a short story being initially bundled with an entire issue of, say, Analog or Interzone; that might look something like a coupon for purchasing the book or magazine issue at a discount price. Some patrons might be particularly pleased with something that leads to signed and numbered first editions or somesuch, but that doesn’t add any value for me.

Indeed. These are all very cool things that I expect will be realities within a short time, in terms of the publishing industry's sense of how time works.
Pay for it? Hmm, that I'm not sure of, but I'd be interested in receiving it.

The problem with the Internet is that we've all gotten spoiled as to all the things we get for free.

You'd have to cut down on some of the lovely things you give us here. You're very generous with your advice, life stories and fiction.

I'd be willing to pay, oh, I dunno, a couple of bucks a month.
Why would I have to cut down on what I do here?

This is my hobby. I do it for fun.
I'd be in.
Oh that would be totally cool! :) *laugh*

As for what I'd like to receive? Just about anything.

Re: I'd be interested

I've thought about doing the same thing, heh. I used to send out original fiction for free to an email list and a lot of people said it was worth paying for, but some of it seemed unlikely to be publishable at the time given the fact that I tended to write explicit fiction set in a culture where most people were not virgins when they were 18 and my protagonists ranged in age from 13-25 or so, and the 13 year old was the Emperor's catamite, and had predictable-for-his-culture attitudes toward it, being that the sex was very okay and he thought he could handle the politics (he couldn't, but he didn't know it yet). Aging the character up just made him sound stupid.
Interestingly enough, neither of those things would make me more inclined to pay. Why should I pay to read incomplete chunks of stories that are going to be coming out soon enough, and I'm going to pay for them then?
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