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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Yes, more music

Chris Smither was on NPR this morning, pimping his new ride album. And some wonderful person sent me a copy of his new CD, Leave the Light On, in the mail today. Which is a pretty good trick, because it doesn't exist officially until next week.

A bunch of us were going to head up to his concert at the Iron Horse next Saturday, but it appears that the show's been moved to Friday night and the bigger (and pricier) auditorium venue, so I'm not sure it's going to happen now. Alas!

But you can listen to three of his songs at the NPR link, and more of them in the "music" section of his web page. He does a kicking "Duncan & Brady," I have to say.


Spent the morning with Catfish Keith. After watching him close up, i can say that nobdy plays blues like him. He does things on a 70 year old Acoustic guitar that even Hendrix didn't do with a marshall stack... But Smither is very entertaining, i must say. I am jealous. ... Blues,blues blues..
I am jealous of you. *g* Oh yes.
He traded me a few CD's amd i'll send you one... I dont really belive in duping music from craft level musicians..
*nod* I agree.
Del Ray is wicked good too... Perhaps that's Del Rey... The Geoff Muldaur Bix Biderbecke Album, "Futuristic Rythmn" is a wonder.. So much music, so little time..
So much music, so little time..

Amen to dat.
Okay, I'm completely confused. Apparently there are *two* shows, one at the Iron Horse and one at the Somerville Theatre. And when I looked at the IH this morning, I thought there was somebody else there on the 23rd.

Maybe I looked at October?

So, I was stupid, and he is still at the Iron Horse on the 23rd.

I need to get with my posse and discuss what we're doing....