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We don't want a bucket of blood. Just a cup is all we can use.

Avast! It's talk like a Viking pirate day, me mateys.

Okay, I made the Viking part up, didn't I, arr? But I'd look a right fool if the wolf-boy started calling his fellows lubbers three-quarters of the way through the book, aye, so I'll have to limit me pirate-talking to the wide binary seas of the internets!

Today, I celebrate Genre Piracy by pillaging for reviews and comment! (And wine and fine art.)

oldcharliebrown reprints a comment on Eidolon by Terri Windling, aye, as great a pirate queen as ever sailed the Caribbean.

dmorr says Scardown and Worldwired are 'perfectly readable,' which will keep you in ship's biscuit if you don't mind the weevils. Cap'n Jenny is a mite surprised she comes across quite so bulletproof as all that, though. Aye, well, mayhap bullet-resistant.

xterminal liked The Chains that you Refuse. Arrr! And xterminal braids slow-match into her beard, so you fear her!

(It's a sad truth xterminal identifies that Bear can't write two things that sound alike, aye, 'tis so, a failing of this sailor. It was a subject of much mirth among her mates that, in earlier days, she couldn't get keel-hauled by the same captain twice.

Fortunately, in this industry, boats are forever sinking or being recrewed, and new boats are being captured or taken privateer, and I seem in later years to have discovered how to hit the same market twice, aye. But a foolish consistency is no hobgoblin for THIS small mind, me darlings!)

Ozhorrorscope reviews Interzone 203, including "Wane." Kind of. In passing. (Laurell K. Hamilton?! Avast! You fuck one vampire, you're tarred for life.)

And lenora_rose is reading Blood & Iron. I am such a creepy stalker. I'd giggle, but it's unpiratical. And not very Viking, either.

(Why is it never "Avaunt!"?)
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