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so suddenly madness came with its whiskered wolven ether pangs

And that is the By the Mountain Bound revision finished, except for two scenes I need to add at the beginning. And at least one structural issue that truepenny identified that probably needs patching, or at least the usual twigs and dead leaves shuffled over it.

We don't want the readers noticing the tiger pit ahead of time, after all...


It's down to 369 pages, which will probably be close to 380 or so when the additions are in. And I apparently learned how to write on page 321. Because it sucked much much less after that, except for the last scene in the second-to-last chapter, which is, though the perversity of how books get written, actually the oldest part of the novel.

Or was, before I tore it out and rewrote it from scratch, more or less.

Since it has to match the first scene in All the Windwracked Stars, this involved a lot of flipping back and forth between files. When I am rich, I am getting a bigger desk.

And a pair of flatscreen monitors.

I declare tomorrow a blinking Day Off. Oh yes.
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