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How to cut down on the homeless problem.

This is not just about me, but I've just been reminded of it by a couple of people mentioning some challenges finding Blood & Iron (which has gone back for a second printing, as previously noted, and so should be available for orders, if, yanno, you still want to read it.):

If an author you like has a book you want, and you go to the bookstore, and the bookstore is out?

Please, please, please ask them to order you a copy. (If they still claim they can't get it, and you know it's in print, try another bookstore, or head online.)

Because for bookstores to be re-ordering books is very beneficial to your hard-working writer pals. Re-orders, to hypersimplify, translate to the distributor or corporate headquarters or who-ever as consumer interest, which means that not only will the current book stay in print longer, but the next book may see a larger initial order, which translates (multiplied times a few thousand bookstores) into more copies on the shelves, which (assuming the book doesn't suck) may mean more sales, which means the author's next book stands a better chance of getting picked up, which means less net chance of the writer starving in a cardboard box with her faithful cat.

You have this power. End auctorial homelessness now.

(Yes, it really is that precarious of a business. And when you're talking about a hardcover or a trade paperback, for a genre or mid-list writer or God Forbid a mid-list genre writer (unless that genre be Romance) a few thousand copies actually make a big difference.)
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