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December 2021



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When I went to put Monday night's denuded chicken corpse in the freezer, I discovered that said freezer was already inhabited by four denuded chicken corpses stuffed into heavy-duty ziplock bags, arrayed like set-dressing from a version of The Birds crossed with Raiders of the Lost Ark in the mines of Moria as detailed by Sideshow WETA.

End result: I am making that chicken stock today. Happy accident: one of the cadavers was apparently from a forty-clove chicken that I forgot to unstuff before I froze, so it is really wonderful-smelling chicken stock, with lumps of garlic floating in the froth.

I have come to the horrible realization that the wolf-boy may sound like Leonard Cohen, but he looks a bit like hal_duncan, if Hal were ten years older and had an ass-length braid.

Sorry, Hal.

In my defense, I met him first. So I think you're tuckerized from him.

telepresence is going to hell for this:


Oh, my god. That's Courteney Cox??? (I'm going to be going "blinker, mirror, blindspot; blinker, mirror, blindspot) all damned day, now.

Don't you like me better when I'm not taking a day off?



Don't blame me, blame YouTube! It's like a shady guy in an alley with an inner coatflap full of nostalgia.
Youtube is hell.

...."pounding away like Bruce Springsteen breaking in a pair of leather pants."

Too bad that we're still not into yesterday.
Marc Singer's crotch defends the Earth from alien invaders!
Would you believe I read Dean Paul Martin as Darth Maul Martin? *shakes head*
omg I haven't thought about Misfits of Science in YEARS.

I don't need to tell you how much I adored it, do I?
Buffy the New Mutant Slayer!

Except, ah, predating both. *g*

I'm doomed.

This is the end.
Max! Hey, did you know Matt Frewer's on Eureka (which I am quite liking) now?
Good lord-- have not clicked, but is that Misfits of Science???
Yes. Yes it is.
Wow. Blast from the past. I loved that show. "Aaaaammmmmmeeeeeellllliiiiaaaaa!!!!"
Was it any good? I loved it on DVD, and now I've got it on bootleg DVD, but I'm afraid to watch it and find out that it sucks.
Um... well, it probably depends on your definition of 'good.' Just because I loved something in the early 80's doesn't mean it's going to stand the test of time. But it was a fun show. :)
I, too, was a fan, and had the double-take moment a few years ago of realizing, yes, yes, that was Courtney Cox in her 80's-do on that show.

That was my favorite show. That, and "Probe", both of which I was almost convinced that I'd just imagined.
...I love you.
Probe! Was that actually a series? I thought it was just a pilot? I never saw more than that.
Yes! It didn't even last a whole season, but it had six or seven episodes, I think?
Ahhhh, the 80s. So innocent. So caked with hairspray. Every score bowing like sheep to the rhythm of the drum machines....

Nowadays that show would have to have an epileptic seizure warning for every time Courtney used her totally radical power of...whatever it was she could do.

Misfits of Science? I don;t know if I should admit this, but it's one of my fondest childhood TV memories. It pretty much started my CC crush.