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When I went to put Monday night's denuded chicken corpse in the freezer, I discovered that said freezer was already inhabited by four denuded chicken corpses stuffed into heavy-duty ziplock bags, arrayed like set-dressing from a version of The Birds crossed with Raiders of the Lost Ark in the mines of Moria as detailed by Sideshow WETA.

End result: I am making that chicken stock today. Happy accident: one of the cadavers was apparently from a forty-clove chicken that I forgot to unstuff before I froze, so it is really wonderful-smelling chicken stock, with lumps of garlic floating in the froth.

I have come to the horrible realization that the wolf-boy may sound like Leonard Cohen, but he looks a bit like hal_duncan, if Hal were ten years older and had an ass-length braid.

Sorry, Hal.

In my defense, I met him first. So I think you're tuckerized from him.

telepresence is going to hell for this:


Oh, my god. That's Courteney Cox??? (I'm going to be going "blinker, mirror, blindspot; blinker, mirror, blindspot) all damned day, now.

Don't you like me better when I'm not taking a day off?

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