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Fly, you fools!

makoiyi said a very true thing about writing over in her comments recently:

I ain't gonna get it right as long as I am thinking like me

The odd thing about having been sucked into watching '80's videos (mostly Grace Jones and The Art of Noise) on YouTube is that... it's work. Specifically, a major thread in Undertow relates to one of the creepier realities of the information age. Specifically, that the Internet Is Forever. (Something I'm reminded of every time the "You might be a gamer if--" list comes back to me in forwarded email. *g*)

And here it is in action.

Also, "Pull Up To My Bumper"? Is still just as dirty as it ever was.

Man, that was a weird decade.

Okay, I promise to stop spamming livejournal now.
Tags: cultural necropsy
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