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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

Just living up to the icon:

Why I love my writing group:

[13:36] stillsostrange: Bear, no elves in rock bands
[13:36] stillsostrange: or it's intervention time
[13:36] tanaise: And we'll make you read Sister to the Rain
[13:37] stillsostrange: We'll make you read all of Lackey's elves-in-bands books
[13:37] stillsostrange: or elves-at-renfaires, or whatever they are
[13:37] tanaise: okay, that's just torture!
[13:37] matociquala: I've already read them.
[13:37] matociquala: And Gossamer Axe
[13:37] matociquala: And War for the Oaks
[13:37] matociquala: And The Vampire Lestat
[13:37] matociquala: You'd think I'd be immune.
[13:37] tanaise: Did you read Sister to the Rain and Heavy Metal?
[13:37] matociquala: Who by?
[13:38] matociquala: I'm thinking more hobgobliny elves than elf princes beloved by all, however.
[13:38] matociquala: Maybe somebody will do a fantasy version of the cliche collection, and I can dust it off then!
[13:39] tanaise: Michaels, I think.
[13:39] tanaise: They were actually rather interesting.
[13:39] matociquala: I have missed those
[13:40] tanaise: let me look them up.
[13:40] stillsostrange: There is also Metal Angel, about--shockingly--an ex-pat angel in a metal band
[13:41] stillsostrange: *kicks fishboy*
[13:41] stillsostrange: you're not in a band, don't even think about it
[13:42] jmeadows: aw, he just wants to play the drums
[13:42] tanaise: Oh, I'm sorry. It was Cold Iron.
[13:42] tanaise: (which is technically heavy metal. :)
[13:43] tanaise: It's a bit darker than the lackey books.
[13:43] tanaise: plus, sucked less.
[13:44] matociquala: But the fishboy can siiiing.
[13:44] matociquala: I know. I can write elf battle of the bands.
[13:44] matociquala: Loki shows up heading a glam rock band, and the humble hobgoblin has to put together an electric blues quartet to take him on.
[13:44] matociquala: ...yanno.
[13:45] stillsostrange: snerk
[13:45] tanaise: Sister to the Rain was better, I think, but I can't remember the details.
[13:45] hawkwing_lb: hee
[13:45] matociquala: ...yanno.
[13:45] tanaise: (though it didn't have a elf band in it.)
[13:45] matociquala: (I can't believe I'm actually considering this.)
[13:45] hawkwing_lb: it sounds like fun on steroids
[13:46] tanaise: Her elfs are 'charming sociopaths.'
[13:46] matociquala: hee
[13:46] tanaise: which is pretty much the same as a rock star, really.
[13:46] matociquala: yes.
[13:46] hawkwing_lb: or politician
[13:47] hawkwing_lb: ...no, I don't even want to think about elected rockstar elves

In other news, I learned this morning that Sheila Williams at Asimov's is buying "Tideline," the maudlin postapocalyptic story of a main battle robot and her boy that I read at the KGB bar last month. This is the first time I've sold short fiction to one of the "big three."

It's a good day.

...No elves!...


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Actually, the whole Loki-fronts-a-band thing happened in Esther Friesner's Unicorn U., disturbingly enough. Shiva was on the drums, which made sense.
You are kind of missing the point, I think. *g*
*raises hand* Was editor for SISTER and COLD IRON. Melissa Michaels. They're not books you could or would write, no.

I think you should just put the axe down and back away from the elfie rockers....
I'm thinking this is more of a short story kind of schtick.
Congrats on the sale.

I think goblin/kobold roadies might be all right, though. Not the same as elfprince rockstars.
thank you!

kobold roadies.

spitting chewing tobacco juice everywhere.
Congrats on the sale! (And no, that's not an entire shelf of Lackey books you see at my house. And especially not the elves in bands/renfaires books. -sigh- I still like to blame her for making all my characters gay.)
I gave away all my Lackey books to a much younger friend who doesn't mind the blatant lecturing, except Jinx High, which I sold to a bookstore because I couldn't give it to someone I liked and be considered to have any conscience whatsoever.

... what, those? No, those are NOT her books. Really, not. Okay, they ahve bards, and elves, and bands and renfaires. And yes, I guess her name is on the spine. But there's someone else's name on the cover, too. Really, they're not hers. They're Ellen Guon's or Rosemary Edghill's. I gave away all her stuff... I did I did I did.

(Miyazaki Icon in honour of Miyazaki icon)
Congratulations on the sale!

Loki should be a rock critic.
[13:47] [info]hawkwing_lb: ...no, I don't even want to think about elected rockstar elves

Read Gwyneth Jones, "Bold as Love" et seq, before you say that...
...why do you say that?

Congratulations on the sale to Asimov's!!

charming sociopath, indie rocker, underdog hobgoblin-elves - eeeeagh? - and I'd buy it in a New York minute and read it as avidly as your Hammered work, you know.

Her morris-dancing teammates aver that Gossamer Axe's main character is rawther autobiographical, as Gael both folk-harps and plays (or played) in a metal band her own bad tall-red-headed self, and both pretty well at that, and has proved to them happily that once you grok counterpoint, you can indeed play it on a geeetar fretboard as well as on a harp. Makes sense to this fool fiddler.

And weren't the coca-cola-head elves at renfaires-with-an-e (specifically the old revered fairesite at Agoura) Ellen Guon's long before they were bought and handed to Lackey? Somehow the logic of all that eludes me.

Jazzed about your sale!
Good lord. You've lost me in the elfy underbrush.

Writers don't have time to keep up on this stuff. This is why we have fans.

I just think I need more wicked fairies.
For the supernatural/rock band nexus, you may want to read "Vampire Junction" by S. P. Somtow. (About a permanently-frozen-at-14yo vampire prince who finally figures out the best way to suck his prey's life energy -- in a stadium, using a guitar.)

Congrats on the Asimov's sale!

I feel externally validated!
This would put you so at risk of typing your way between the Scylla of Mercedes Lackey and the Charybdis of Laurel Hamilton*. I'm just sayin'.

*Or vice-versa.
I think one would wish to chart another course entirely, really.
Congrats on the sale! And I don't mind elvish rockers as they're ten times cooler than race car driving elves.
[13:44] [info]matociquala: I know. I can write elf battle of the bands.
[13:44] [info]matociquala: Loki shows up heading a glam rock band, and the humble hobgoblin has to put together an electric blues quartet to take him on.

Emmett Goblin's Jugband Christmas!

elves mustn't rock

Too much cowbell.
Laughing Gnome?
We like War for the Oaks, though. But it's not the 80s any more.
I did not say any of those were *bad* books.
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