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Just living up to the icon:

Why I love my writing group:

[13:36] stillsostrange: Bear, no elves in rock bands
[13:36] stillsostrange: or it's intervention time
[13:36] tanaise: And we'll make you read Sister to the Rain
[13:37] stillsostrange: We'll make you read all of Lackey's elves-in-bands books
[13:37] stillsostrange: or elves-at-renfaires, or whatever they are
[13:37] tanaise: okay, that's just torture!
[13:37] matociquala: I've already read them.
[13:37] matociquala: And Gossamer Axe
[13:37] matociquala: And War for the Oaks
[13:37] matociquala: And The Vampire Lestat
[13:37] matociquala: You'd think I'd be immune.
[13:37] tanaise: Did you read Sister to the Rain and Heavy Metal?
[13:37] matociquala: Who by?
[13:38] matociquala: I'm thinking more hobgobliny elves than elf princes beloved by all, however.
[13:38] matociquala: Maybe somebody will do a fantasy version of the cliche collection, and I can dust it off then!
[13:39] tanaise: Michaels, I think.
[13:39] tanaise: They were actually rather interesting.
[13:39] matociquala: I have missed those
[13:40] tanaise: let me look them up.
[13:40] stillsostrange: There is also Metal Angel, about--shockingly--an ex-pat angel in a metal band
[13:41] stillsostrange: *kicks fishboy*
[13:41] stillsostrange: you're not in a band, don't even think about it
[13:42] jmeadows: aw, he just wants to play the drums
[13:42] tanaise: Oh, I'm sorry. It was Cold Iron.
[13:42] tanaise: (which is technically heavy metal. :)
[13:43] tanaise: It's a bit darker than the lackey books.
[13:43] tanaise: plus, sucked less.
[13:44] matociquala: But the fishboy can siiiing.
[13:44] matociquala: I know. I can write elf battle of the bands.
[13:44] matociquala: Loki shows up heading a glam rock band, and the humble hobgoblin has to put together an electric blues quartet to take him on.
[13:44] matociquala: ...yanno.
[13:45] stillsostrange: snerk
[13:45] tanaise: Sister to the Rain was better, I think, but I can't remember the details.
[13:45] hawkwing_lb: hee
[13:45] matociquala: ...yanno.
[13:45] tanaise: (though it didn't have a elf band in it.)
[13:45] matociquala: (I can't believe I'm actually considering this.)
[13:45] hawkwing_lb: it sounds like fun on steroids
[13:46] tanaise: Her elfs are 'charming sociopaths.'
[13:46] matociquala: hee
[13:46] tanaise: which is pretty much the same as a rock star, really.
[13:46] matociquala: yes.
[13:46] hawkwing_lb: or politician
[13:47] hawkwing_lb:, I don't even want to think about elected rockstar elves

In other news, I learned this morning that Sheila Williams at Asimov's is buying "Tideline," the maudlin postapocalyptic story of a main battle robot and her boy that I read at the KGB bar last month. This is the first time I've sold short fiction to one of the "big three."

It's a good day.

...No elves!...
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