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OMG. I just figured it out, the thing that's been niggling at me about that concert video.

It's a bloody one-man-band true-omniscient narrator. That is why my brain will not let go of the last minute and a half of that Bowie concert video, after about 2:54 on the clock.

The bloody bastard. That's freaking genius.

That is how omniscient works. Narrator, character, slip, slip, slip. I can almost hear a click when he transitions. And he's exploiting symbols, and undermining them, and doing it all in this really unsettling and fascinating way. Which of course is the same thing he's always been doing--he's just much more subtle and tricky now.

He's using really precise telling detail, instead of costumery and pageant. And he's doing it live on stage.


I comfort myself again that writing is not a performance art. But if it were? Done really well, that's what it would look like.

(why yes, I have just spent two days blogging about pop stars grabbing their junk. but damned if I didn't just have an epiphany. so it was worth it.)

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