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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

when fannish obsessions collide

Never noticed this one before: *

But what are kings, when regiment is gone,
But perfect shadows in a sunshine day?

--Christopher Marlowe: The Tragedy of Edward the Second, Act V, Scene I

Woke up this morning to look at things in their funny way.
Why can't they be like they used to be only yesterday.
Ooh --- bring back my sunshine day.

I look at things that once were mine with such despair.
Why do the things I say only fall on empty air?
Ooh --- bring back my sunshine day.
My mind cries: bring back my sunshine day.

I say the things I used to say, but they don't seem right.
Why does this world seem like the darkest endless night?
Ooh --- bring back my sunshine day.
Bring back my sunshine day.

--Jethro Toe, Sunshine Day

I am blaming this entry on angevin2 and commodorified.


Ah, good old Jethro Toe. Wonder whatever became of them?
I dunno. There's this other band with a similar name, but they don't sound a thing like 'em.

I hear John Glascock left, and they've never been the same.
I think you're thinking of Mick Abrahams, he was in Jethro Toe. John Glascock was Jeffery Hammond-Organ's replacement in that other band.
Oh yeah! I'm confused right now, because I just found out that Mark Brzezecki (or however the hell he spells his name) wound up in Procul Harum with Matthew Pegg. Which all hurts my head a little.

It's like trying to follow the relationships in Minneapolis Fandom....
And yanno, if it were anybody else, I'd assume a coincidence, but I think the boys are perfectly capable of Marlowe / Edward II fanfic.

(that's a comparitive slash, not an an additive slash. so help me jesus.)
Seems a bit unlikely to me, but I certainly wouldn't rule it out.
In an odd coincidence, I heard a band called "Jethro Tull" perform their album Aqualung live on XM just yesterday. Some sort of Jethro Toe wannabes, obviously.

(Really good wannabes, mind you. Damn, but I love XM.)
I got the album version of that. Strange listening experience. "Boring, boring, boring, holy crap, what did they just do?" Repeat.

I got the impression Ian was sometimes embarrassed by his old lyrics.

Overall, it was mostly pointless, but with occasional brilliant flute playing, and I really get a kick out of "Hymn 43 with amendments."
Hee. I've seen an interview with him where he had to pause, halfway through, and say "All my lyrics come with apologies."

He's a nice boy.
All of this Jethro Tull/Toe banter and alternate band members is disturbingly reminiscent of a chapter in Godel Escher Bach. :)
Hey, happy birthday you spring chicken you.
thank you!

We're both too old to be the Great Young Hope, though.
Happy birthday, Bear! I hope it's a wonderful one. :-)