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I have embraced my inner Sir Percy Blakeney.

My answer to all unanswerable questions, and some of the answerable ones, shall henceforth be "La."

Thereby, you shall know that I am Up To Something. But not, perhaps, that I am the Scarlet Pimpernel.

And thus, some reviews. La.

System of a Braun thinks that, with B&I, I am pursuing an entirely wrong direction! With wrongness! And wrong!

But sam_t says I'm fast-paced and inventive. Or at least my books are.

And there are a selection of mostly positive reviews of B&I up at Amazon.

One of the most weird and wonderful things about this art thing is watching people react to what you made. Especially when what they describe is not at all the art one remembers creating. Sometimes, I can recognize the book under discussion as one that, you know, somebody else might have written given the same material.

What's odd is that this happens just about as often with good reviews as with bad.


Lord, the internet is boring today. Where are you all?
Tags: hobgoblin consistency, la, reviews

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