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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san

I have embraced my inner Sir Percy Blakeney.

My answer to all unanswerable questions, and some of the answerable ones, shall henceforth be "La."

Thereby, you shall know that I am Up To Something. But not, perhaps, that I am the Scarlet Pimpernel.

And thus, some reviews. La.

System of a Braun thinks that, with B&I, I am pursuing an entirely wrong direction! With wrongness! And wrong!

But sam_t says I'm fast-paced and inventive. Or at least my books are.

And there are a selection of mostly positive reviews of B&I up at Amazon.

One of the most weird and wonderful things about this art thing is watching people react to what you made. Especially when what they describe is not at all the art one remembers creating. Sometimes, I can recognize the book under discussion as one that, you know, somebody else might have written given the same material.

What's odd is that this happens just about as often with good reviews as with bad.


Lord, the internet is boring today. Where are you all?


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Hibernating. Tis cold. Then it's boring things like shopping. Blah, hate spending dosh on food. It just gets eaten for some odd reason.

So I have a question for you. These reviews are after the fact; after the novel has gone out, so you can't do anything about it even if you wanted to change something or had an epiphany and agreed. But what do you do when you get reviews from beta readers etc that totally throw a whole spanner in the works. How do you decide what is your vision or if someone else's suggestions could make it better?
Well, I did agree with one of the reviews of B&I that said the POV was too constrained, a while back. (The ones that consider as a bug something that, to me, is a feature, I laugh at.)

But a book in progress? You read the review (or the editorial input) and decide if it will make the book better if you try to do that.

And if it will, you try.

Gotta let go and move on, and come back at it fresh, I think.
I'm online! If you're bored, click through to my latest blog and see the fun I had with a giant map and a pile of plastic dinosaurs in London! :D
That's pretty funny. *g*
The best part of that negative review is that it calls Hammered "'aight."

Especially since I can't hear that piece of slang without hearing it as uttered by Seth Green on Greg the Bunny.

...I want to know how it slipped past the radar who/what the Kelpie is...

Oh, screw it. If you want me, I'll be in my bunk.
Oh, and as for La, I assume you've seen The Vader Sessions?!? Laaaa! Lalala. La.

That may be the reference, I guess. If you haven't seen it you must! :D
Silly Bear. *grin*
So if a question simultaneously seems answerable *and* unanswerable -- e.g., "what is the Holy Trinity?" -- does it get a "tra-la-la"? ;-)

Me, I'm chugging iced tea (humidity, ACK!) and trying to finish tomorrow's sermon.

Especially when what they describe is not at all the art one remembers creating.

Indeedy. Happens outside of art, too... *glares at draft of sermon*

(I kvetch, but I do enjoy this gig: I get to look at old photos and call it working!)

(The pool no longer exists -- back in the 1960s, the city filled it in rather than desegregate it. And now it's an art center -- one that featured the work of an African-American artist last month -- and from such things are stories and homilies spun.)
Geesh. I'm doing my part—I sent you slush!
Thank you!
Bellevue, WA, la. At Foolscap, la. Same hotel we were at in June, la.


Where are you all?

Synagogue. Just back from casting bread upon waters (really!)

La, indeed. Although I tend to channel my inner Lord Peter and merely insert a monocle and look foolishly overbred....
We went daytripping to Canterbury. I hadn't seen the cathedral in 10 years and really wanted to - but didn't get to - have lunch at the Goods Shed again.
Nursing sore muscles (savaged my garden today) and gloating over my freshly delivered copy of The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Faunes and Fairies by Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle (1691).

'm hoppy.

I looked at the review. I haven't read the book yet, but I just wanted to say -- that's a dumb reason for not liking a book and I bet there's something else he's not put his finger on that's the real reason. I mean -- "magic has to have boundaries?" Magic has to have boundaries? Magic?

I'm going to go put a boundary on imagination, now. That'll work.
Having read what he wrote, and having read B&I it kind of does make sense to me -- at the end of the book, I got the impression that Seeker could have done, well, pretty much anything, ever, with no price I would have been able to intuit before she did it and Bear told me what the price was. I never got a feel for the stakes (other than 'high,' because nobody would be angsting like that if they weren't high), because there was so much Hercules syndrome [1] running around the world of the book that, y'know, suddenly the sky might turn polka-dot and nobody'd notice, sure, that's plausible given what I was told ...

1. Hercules Syndrome is why the author had to get Hercules off the good ship Argo reallllly close to the beginning of all their merry adventures. Because half the later encounters could have been solved by Hercules in about ten seconds of muscle-straining, and that simply wouldn't make an interesting story. See also why Superman fights Lex Luthor and Batman fights the Joker et alia. The Fantastic Four's baddies and the X-Men's baddies are very often discrete sets of baddies inhabiting the same corners of a universe, but they mostly don't cross over, because their powers are carefully calibrated to make exciting fights.
Playing around making motivational posters and trading cards.

Until an hour ago, running around the downtown core with a herd of about 25 other people, trying to dial as many of the listed pay phones as we could until our hour was up so we could beat the other team doing the same thing, but trying to stay together because you got two points for every player who said their name into the phone at each stop.

La. :D
Watching Last Kiss and getting infuriated at the men portrayed therein. Trying to remember not to let my loathing of real-life personality traits interfere with portraying them fairly in my writing.

The usual.
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