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December 2021



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bear by san

buymeaclue and nihilistic_kid gave me a book last night. It came wrapped in white tissue paper, which, of course, I put on the floor for the cat.

Mebd has figured out that the real fun here is had when you take a glitter ball, shove it under a sheet of tissue paper, and chase it around. Much more amusement when it crinkles!

I'm sure the downstairs neighbor loves me.

I am so lucky this cat has no thumbs.


I think it's for the good of the planet that cats don't have thumbs. We wouldn't be the dominant species for very long.
I didn't think *anyone* listened to that Bowie song...
I'm fairly fond of it myself, when the mood strikes.
I'm the freak who likes his newer stuff at least as much as the older. ("Everyone Says Hi", creepiest. song. evar.)

Although, well, the eighties were a bad decade for everybody, and we try not to talk about that too much.
That's pretty much my opinion. Outside remains my favourite album, though.
Well, of course it is. You're a Goth. *g*

(It *is* a rather good one. I'm also awfully fond of the Poppy Songs About Horrible Deaths (Jump They Say) and the whole run of "Just How Dirty Can We Make This And Still get It Played On The Radio" experiments.

(And, yanno. You gotta love any rock star who's such a big SF geek that he can't keep track of which song title goes with which song about aliens. *g*)
Opposable thumbs or longer attention spans.
She was at it for *hours.*

Yes, but it was an hour made up of a big collection of seconds.
This cat has focus.
I don't.

Therefore: Random Link
I really needed to read that right now.

That's gorgeous. Thank you.
Where do you get these glitter balls? I've got to find something to provide my cats with some entertainment (besides the joy they take in shredding my hands and feet and anything else that moves under the sheet), one of them could easily pass as pumpkin if we painted her orange.

Oh there's an image....dress baby as bear cub...paint cat orange and put a stem hat on her....oh my. *grins at mental images* Hallowe'en could be interesting at my house this year!

Anyway, I can't seem to find anything that keeps her interest as far as play things. She even ignores the Kitty Fishin' Pole, which the other two go nuts for!

I get them from a pet supply place. They're two or three for a dollar.

Just soft squishy pom poms that have some glitter threaded through them so they sparkle and wiggle when they roll.

They are the Best Toy.
I tried some yesterday on mine. Jemmy was fascinated, and carried one around in his mouth for a while. This morning I found both balls at the foot of the stairs, where all good cat toys end up, because it's too much trouble to carry them back up after knocking them all the way down. Minerva was intrigued, but not as much as Jemmy. I'm not sure the two older ones got involved, but there are still two untouched ones, in case these now have Jemmy-cooties on them.
Hee. I can picture this.
Better thumbs than A Cat With Hands. (warning: creepy)
My Littler, Psycho Beagle has a 'thing' about being wrapped up in cloth. It terrifies him, kind of like falling does for humans. And like humans seeking out rollercoasters, when he's in certain moods and craves catharsis, he'll go find a big piece of fabric to sneak under, tangle himself up in, and play-fight out of.

The Bigger, Calmer Beagle has now seen him do it, and finds the anonymous, thrashing lump of blanket EXTREMELY FUN to playfight with.

So it's all good, and I can just sit back and giggle while they wear each other out. :->
That's marvellous.
Same principle, I'm pretty sure: "I can't see the prey, so it's automatically more exciting. I could be fighting a TYRRANOSAUR! Rrrrawwwwwr! Clawclawbitestomp!"
I am so lucky this cat has no thumbs.

Yes. Yes, you are.

Mine has thumbs. She's been known to dismantle the stereo when she's bored.