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it's a great life, if you don't weaken

Hannah Sez:

I guess it's really hammering home for me the idea that salability has more to do with what you're doing right than what you're doing wrong (and I maintain that there's a good discussion in there somewhere about whether workshops help with that concept, or whether they're geared more towards patching up the weak spots).

Dammit, yes! Previous to that, she comments on how the most important thing youcan do for your fiction is make it engaging. And yes again. All those little things--crisp dialogue, engaging characters, shiny ideas, sentence-level polish, satisfying structure.... do we sometimes lose track, as would-be writers, that our goal is to make the reader put the story down with a kind of *aaaahhhhhhh* at the end?

I suspect.

And workshops, I think, excel at correcting problems. But a story with no problems isn't a salable story, necessarily. A story that makes the reader go, "snif..." or "wooooaaaaahhh!" or "hmmmm." or "Heh!" or "Holy Christ on a popsicle stick!!!" -- that's a salable story. Damn straight.
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