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Forget the hearse, because I'll never die.

Is Google laboring under a DoS attack this morning, or is it just borked?

ETA: Turns out somebody at Comcast broked something. It's fixed now. For this, I pay them.

take out garbage
wash dishes
eat food
clean kitchen
clean bathroom
sort laundry
wash laundry
fold laundry
greet delivery guy half-naked

finish reading and commenting on Thirdhop Scarp
make tea
find cat's glitterball in washing machine with laundry
finish reading and commenting on The Fox
start reading Undertow
go to the bank
back up hard drive
make mix for Sarah

Grocery List of things I forgot to buy yesterday
Dish soap
sticky rice
toilet paper
Sweet Cider

Oh, and I found the cure for the earworm that dare not speak its name.

NOTHING can stand before the might of Hayseed Dixie.

ETA Proof. You don't actually have to watch the fan video; link is for the music.

Tags: honeydew, lives of unparalleled glamour, music

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