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bear by san

March 2017



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bear by san


No words yesterday, because we took two friends from Seattle out touring the Great American Southwest. Whoot! Valley of Fire!

And then at around ten o'clock at night, I made burgers and my Top Secret Best Ever Incredibly Uncomplicated Margaritas. (You ready? Here's the recipe: twice as much tequila as triple sec (and) as Rose's sweetened lime juice. Serve over ice with the usual kosher salt & a twist, or sugar if you like.

That's Tequila 2: Triple Sec 1: Rose's 1 -- just to make it easier. You have to buy decent tequila for this to work properly, however, but Cuervo is decent enough. And they are goooooood, I promise.

Anyway, I fooled myself into staying up late and playing by saying I would blow off work today, and then set the alarm anyway so that Puritan guilt would make me come. I am so tricky sometimes....

Still no writerly guilt, but I am having all sorts of ideas, which meas that the brain is regenerating. I think the book's structure (it's a weird, sprawly book, covering about twelve years of time in bigger and smaller chunks... sort of like Edward II, come to think of it) is starting to click in a little, and I woke up this morning understanding a thematic progression. So that's good.

Meanwhile, it's Friday. Yay Friday! Go sleeping past five tomorrow, if the dogs will let me!


All the history plays treat history like that (Shakespeare in particular is remarkably cavalier about whether particular characters would even have been alive at the time), so it's thematically appropriate in all sorts of ways for your book. Go you!

I wondered where you were yesterday. *g* Glad you had fun.

History Plays

I actually went so far as to put in an author's note to that effect. *g* "Yes. I am just making shit up."

Which is nice, actually: it's freeing.

You know what's an interesting experience for me with this story is how much work it is to narrow the scope of it. It keeps wanting to bleb: there's so much going on in the world, and I can see trails that could lead off to France, or Spain, or--all sorts of interesting places.

Usually, I find writing to a novel length is more an effort in expandingand developing. This is more ruthless excision.

It helps only having 2 2/10ths POV characters, of course. Man. If I had gone full scale multi-third, I would be all over the damned continent by now....

(POV choices: how important they are.)

How was the library?

Re: History Plays

Enh. Library like. Motion-sensitive lighting creeps me the fuck out.

I wonder if part of the problem you're having with scale is the fact that western Europe really was a much smaller world in 1592. EVERYTHING is interconnected. Elizabeth is the sister-in-law of Philip of Spain, and then of course there's the Armada; the Puritans are looking to Geneva as the example of the godly city; France has its fingers deep in the English pie (particularly vis-a-vis Mary Queen of Scots, of course, widow of the Dauphin); it's becoming easier and easier to get books from the continent, and easier and easier to find translations. Actors may go tour Germany when things are plaguey and bad in London (there's evidence that Kempe did, I think). Milton went all the way to Italy--although that was quite a journey--and the plays of the period are full of French and Spanish and Italian influences (many of them stereotypes, but still ...). And of course Protestant paranoia about plotting Papists (ooh, alliteration!) meant that England was hyper-conscious of Italy. Philip Sidney died in the Low Countries, and his brother Robert held an official post there for years. England's boundaries were a lot more permeable than their own rhetoric wanted to admit.

Just a thought. :)

Re: History Plays

Well, that's it exactly. It is all tied together, and somehow I need to get that across, while still limiting the scope of the book to this rather intimate little story about these two guys who personify (to my mind) a major shift in thinking and the development of the Renaissance vs. the Medieval mind.

That ability to ask questions, you know?

As a character-driven writer (and one who is mostly interested in the characters and the plot as opposed to the history), I'm having to narrow focus massively... the trick is making teh threads feel like they're woven together, and not snipped off randomly.


Motion sensitive lighting makes it hard to sit down among the stanks and read on the floor, alas....

Re: History Plays

... somehow I need to get that across, while still limiting the scope of the book ...

I don't know why this occurred to me, and I don't know if it's any use to you, but might the Mebd's court be one way to do that?

I don't know; it's all gone nebulous and inarticulatable--but that was the thought I had.

Re: History Plays

*nod* That's exactly the plan. It also ties into the books dichotomies... twisted reflections. Things that should be very similar, but aren't quite.

So really I'm using the politics as a backdrop, etc, and complication--rather than the primary plot element. The actual arc is in large part internal, which seems odd, but there it is... It's just not a straight linear arc, but more a mosaic.... Hurm.

And I have those two play themes to weave together (three, counting the overall motif of a history play).

I guess I really shouldn't be too concerned if this book takes a while to write, should I? It's really quite extraordinarily complicated. And I have got the time, and nothing else screaming to be written....

I begin to understand why some of these lit fic guys take ten years to write a book. *g*

Re: History Plays

Oh good. At least I'm on the right wavelength.

And, no, I wouldn't worry about how long it takes. Let it decide that.

Right. Library for me, then.

Re: History Plays

*clings like a baby monkey*

Don't go! *g*

Re: History Plays

Well, I went. But now I'm back. My brain feels like a small, dim-witted furry animal that has just been used as a soccer ball by a bunch of Visigoths. I've crawled off quietly under a bush and am hoping they don't notice me before I catch my breath.

Re: History Plays

I just got back from Charlie's Angels II.... and I have to say, if you have no brain, now is the time to go see it *g*.

I feel better than I have in a week. Not that it was a good movie. Not that it has a nodding acquaintance with good movies.

But it knows it. So that's okay.